Linspire, Canonical, Freespire, Ubuntu Join Forces

Canonical, the sponsor of Ubuntu, and Linspire, the developer of Linspire and Freespire, have announced a technology partnership. The Linspire/Freespire Operating Systems will move away from Debian and will be based on Ubuntu. Starting with the Ubuntu 7.04 release in April, Ubuntu users will be able to use the Linspire CNR (Click and Run) software delivery system, which will give them one-click access to commercial programs and proprietary multimedia CODECs and drivers.

"Ubuntu is the most successful community-based Linux project to date. They have done a fantastic job with the development community and creating tools for utilizing their technology. It made a tremendous amount of sense to partner with Canonical and begin basing our desktop Linux offerings on Ubuntu," said Kevin Carmony, CEO of Linspire.

Link: Forum Discussion (Thanks Kreuger)
News source: eWeek

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Great news for ubuntu and linux as a whole. The good thing about ubuntu getting alot of popularity is that, the more people use it the more they will become familiar with linux, and will start to want to try out other distros becuase of how easy ubuntu it is to use. Fedora and Mandrive havent received this much popularity but the great thing is, as we all linux users know, once people decide that they get bored of ubuntu, then they get move onto fedora, and mandriva or vice versa and they won't even hesitate because of the fact that all three are so simple to use. Hopefully once that happens they will have enough experience that they will be brave enough to journey into other distros, slackware and maybe even other platforms such as *BSD and what not. Alot of people need to look at the big picture of one distro becoming mainstream, all it meas this means is linux is becoming popular for the consumer and the companies will need to start making hardware that works with it. So i for one am super happy that all these distros are leading the way, althought ubuntu is most definetely on top. Like i said earlier great news...

To many people ease of use is the most important factor, next to price. Most users aren't techies, what they want is a toaster. Put something in and get something out. This is one reason why Linux hasn't caught on as much as it should.

Cool my news got posted but that's not the same source I had, however it links to it so I guess its okay. Because Debian is more stable, it's packages are a little older than most on Ubuntu's repos.

"The Linspire/Freespire Operating Systems will move away from Debian and will be based on Ubuntu." uhmmmmm isn't Ubuntu based on Debian? Does that make this a meaningless statement or is this incestuous? ewwwwww ;-)

$.02: "based on" has become meaningless in Linux.

El Sid said,

I was thinking the same think :confused:

I was thinking the same thing but according to wikipedia- ubuntu is separate distribution.

Ubuntu is based on debian linux and is then changed around to make ubuntu. I'm guessing Linspire have now chosen ubuntu to base on, as they think it's better than debian.

I don't think I'll ever use Click and Run in ubuntu. apt-get is sooooo much quicker!