Linspire invites dirty uncle Microsoft over for patent party

When not threatening to sue Linux makers, Microsoft can't help itself from partnering with them. Redmond today announced a buddy-buddy deal with desktop Linux maker Linspire. We'd call it a stretch to say that anyone cares about the technical details behind the Microsoft-Linspire tie-up, but that would send a handful of Linspire zealots into seizures. Instead, we'll note that Microsoft and Linspire have pledged to work on a wide range of areas

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should checkout the linspire forums, bunch of zelot ms haters over there who keep crying and bitching, but dont leave(typical linux/apple/mshater bs)

personaly this gets a huge *YAWN* from me, honestly who gives a ****?

i use window 2003, i have yet to find a linux user whos acctulay got experiance with it that can say ANYTHING bad about it other then "its ms" or "its closed sorce" (to the latter i point out that alot of open sorce software is just total **** and it being free and open source dosnt help at all)

markjensen said,
Like Novell's SUSE Enterprise line?

Well I think as for as enterprise/workstation Linux goes MS is probably a big help to novell, but what I meant was MS is bad for desktop linuxes.

Barney said,
Ack..... another Linux distro swallowed up by Microsoft.

Well, we at Neowin's Shift Linux will never give in!


If Mr Gates came with a cool million asking you to stop would you?

Summary of some points in an eweek article:

  • Windows Live Search will also become the default Web search engine in Linspire
  • Linspire did not provide any of its patent rights to Microsoft under the deal, given that it held very few such rights
  • Linspire will now [be] involved in developing and distributing open-source translators that allow OpenOffice and Microsoft Office users to better share documents
  • Linspire will license Microsoft's RT Audio Codec (a device or program capable of encoding and decoding a digital data stream) to promote voice-enabled interoperability between Linspire's Pidgin instant messaging client and Windows Live Messenger
  • Linspire will support the latest Windows Media 10 audio and video codecs
  • Linspire will also license popular Microsoft TrueType fonts, including Arial, Georgia, Times New Roman and Verdana

Once these things come, I might just give Linspire another try. I still have an account with them from back when they did their "Microsoft Free PC" promotion. Back then I got Lindows and StarOffice for free, with a 1 year subscription to Click n' Run.

Great summary! Thanks for a little reality-check markjensen.

Can't you open sores and linux fanbois see that Microsoft is making it easier to sell Linux in a Windows world by allowing Linux to be more compatible with Windows? How is that worse for ma and pa end-user who want to run Linux?

You guys want Linux to rule the world but don't have the balls to do what it takes to make a transition to Linux work for the common Joe. You just gonna wait for some government to take Microsoft down? Don't hold your breath... Oh but then again you might want to because dispite what you think your **** does stink.

Yup. Then Microsoft paid Lindows a lot of money to change their name.

It sounds like Linspire is wanting to get some more of that Microsoft money, to me.

Ha ha ha yeah, that's what happened.

Please, sir, infringe on our trademark and take this money to boot! No lawsuit!

C_Guy said,
Ha ha ha yeah, that's what happened.

Please, sir, infringe on our trademark and take this money to boot! No lawsuit!

Is the face because you doubt me?

Linspire and Microsoft both issued bland statements, here and here, which are copies of each other.

A news report summarizes the details of a $20 million settlement, paid to Lindows/Linspire by Microsoft. Full contract is very dry to read.

Maybe you mis-used the "rolleyes" face. I see it from my teenager enough that I am pretty certain of its meaning. Perhaps you meant it as as sign of understanding that Microsoft paid Lindows $20 million.

While that contract says that Linspire would accept that the Windows trademark was valid, I think that the very fact that Microsoft paid them $20 million in order to secure the contract says that Microsoft wasn't so sure that the judge in the case was going to rule in their favor.

Yeah, it hinged whether the term "windows" was generic. Cars have windows. And it could be applied to computer GUIs, too, as those rectangular boxes for application execution are called "windows" on every non-Microsoft system I have run across. With various courts reviewing and deciding, plus appeals, it could have drug out for a long time.

Microsoft had the funds to put this baby to bed quickly, and they took advantage of the opportunity, and of Lindows'/Linspire's desire for some easy cash.