Live blogging of Sony's E3 Press Conference [Finished]

The last of the big 3's E3 press conferences finishes with Sony's E3 Press Conference, and here on Neowin today we will be Live blogging the conference.

Neowin reporter Andrew Gallacher (DrunknMunky), Garrett Dodd (rajputwarrior) and Tom W will join me in blogging the event live as the Sony's E3 show starts, and hopefully will be unleashing some exclusive and new games.

Sony's press conference will start at 11.00 A.M. PT, and you can follow the announcements live below. Chat is enabled until the conference begins, and after the conference begins we will disable comments until the event is over. During the conference we will answer as many questions as possible.

Sony conference (June 2, 2009 11.00am PST)
08:00AM - Hawaii
11:00AM - Pacific
12:00AM - Mountain
13:00PM - Central
02:00PM - Eastern
07:00PM - London
08:00PM - Paris
03:00AM - Tokyo (June 2nd)
04:00AM - Sydney (June 2nd)

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Your time chart has a couple of obvious errors. Noon (when this starts Mountain time) is 12:00PM, not AM. And you have Central time listed as 13:00PM, which makes no sense. It is either 1:00PM (in keeping with the rest of your chart), or 1300 (which would be 1:00PM in military time).

Sony blew us away.... so much content... they win E3 easily... Microsoft sure gave it a good shot though. Its nice to have 2 quality platforms. Nintendo was just appalling...

This. The motion controllers were BADASS. I don't care if Nintendo did it first, Sony seems to have nailed it spot on with how the controllers SHOULD work.

I'd love to see a MGS game where you can actually use those controllers in the environment, knocking on walls, snapping necks, slitting throats, putting your own aim to the test of killing your enemies...

I was really blown away overall, which comes as a shocker because I totally wasn't prepared for them to do so great.

And God of War III... Yeah, I don't need to say anything there. The game speaks for itself. I'm also debating on selling my DS Lite too...