Live Search To Be Re-Branded?

Many may have noticed that, in the past few weeks, several changes are beginning to pop with Live Search. Live Search has redone the home page, announced the CashBack program, integrated into Live Search, updated Live Search for Mobile, pulled the plug on Live Search Books and Academic, revamped Live Search Club, completed a major deal with HP to pre-install a Live Search Toolbar on all new HP computers, offered new webmaster tools and 404 redirects, expanded and announced SearchTogether Beta.

There are reports that Live Search may even be in for a complete brand image change.

So, does Microsoft need a new search brand?

Microsoft's brand problem with Live Search isn't the name or the logo but the product itself, and the only way to fix the brand is to continue to work on building something worth branding.

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What would be the point? A turd by any other name still stinks of turd. Microsoft just need to keep reinforcing the live brand to consumers, and improving the service to meet user's needs.

The fact of the matter is that "Google" might as well be in the dictionary, even I say "Google it" when referring someone to search the web for something. Microsoft needs to figure out how to overcome that, if there is even a way, and all the brand changes under the sun still won't help if their service sucks.

But then maybe it should be re-branded. I don't see myself ever saying something like "Windows Live it" when referring someone to search the web for something. It just wouldn't happen anywhere, so maybe that's [part of] the key.

I don't think that it really a problem. People still 'hoover' with a Bosch vacuum cleaner. So if Microsoft releases a product that is superior than Google, and markets it well, people can 'google' things on

I agree with the article. Live Search is not bad by any means, its just not as good as its competitors. Microsoft should ditch the run for Yahoo and make Live Search as good as it possibly can.

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