Live Search to offer rebates for searching

How would you like a nice rebate?, well if you use Microsoft's Live Search to buy products from eBay you can. Today Microsoft announced the 25% rebate from Ebay on the Live Search Blog by giving this slogan "Christmas presents to be purchased? Budget a bit tight? Microsoft Live Search has a solution for all the parents out there being harassed for big ticket items by our kids. Why not save up to 25% right now?".

As with most offers of "Free" money there are some draw backs those being that there is a $200 limit for the cash back and the payment is through paypal only and of course its region as well only being for the users from the United States.

This isn't the first time Microsoft has offered incentives for using Live Search, they already have a system where you get points for using the search engine that can be converted into prizes and gifts which range from free music downloads to airplane miles.

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I wish I had used these when it was 30% + 10%. I bought an HD-DVD 360 player (new) and Virtua Fighter 5 (new ) yesterday. Total spent: $42.00 shipped, cash back: $9. Total after rebates: $33.00, not bad huh?

I suppose this is still relevant news, as 25% is still good, but it had been set at 30% for eBay/Paypal for the last month or so. Before that, it was 35%.

Ugh, first they tried giving away free stuff with Live Search Club, then giving away free stuff with the toolbar, now this. It's pretty sad when you desperately bribe people with money and prizes to use your search engine and still can't beat your competitor.

Not only can't beat them, but they can't get anywhere near them. When I read of these desperate giveaways for Live Search, it just serves to reminds me of how poor the search engine must be if MS need to bolster it with giveaways at every available opportunity.

They're in a hole now with Live search and no amount of freebies is going to change that.