Windows Media Player in Windows 7

Microsoft has built a neat little control into Windows 7 to reduce the many launch surfaces for Windows applications.

According to Chaitanya Sareen from the Windows team at Microsoft, only 3% of users enable the taskbar control for Windows Media Player. Microsoft saw this as an area for improvement and built a control for when media player is minimised.

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I always select the WMP toolbar when minimizing. You get all the controls and the taskbar gets less messy.
But a good addition though. Now speaking of taksbar, Taskbar Shuffle is a great application that helps you moving stuffs in your taskbar. Its there's any feature like that in windows, then it would be more than welcome.

Would work nice for email apps and other task-bar icons that operate with actions like notifications on email, alerts on file sync or backup, or pausing / resuming a timer. Neat little improvement I never would have thought of.