no longer sends you to Bing

As pointed out by, Microsoft is no longer re-directing to their Bing search engine. Ever since Bing was launched,, the past address for Windows Live Search, has been taking users to Bing. However, Microsoft now feels that enough time has passed to use as the homepage for Windows Live Home.

Strangely, if you go to, it takes you directly to your Windows Live sign in page. However, if you just type, without the "www," you're taken to the Windows Live Home, as mentioned above. It's a little confusing, and could just be a redirect issue that hasn't been addressed or noticed yet.

LiveSide points out that this change is probably part of Microsoft's visual revamping that's expected to come with Wave 4. We've already seen a new Hotmail icon, new themes, and the new ribbon interface. With Wave 4, there are sure to be even more aesthetic changes as it nears launch.

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I just don't use Live, Messenger or Hotmail anywhere near as much as I once did. I just got bored of the ads and the restrictions back when MS didn't have so many competitions.

Still irritated about them shutting down is not an acceptable substitute.

sabrex said,,,, and all seem to be pointing to the same place ... the windows live "Home" page. Although and seem to be totally different pages that allow download of the same programs. Still pretty disorganized imo.

How is that disorganised? You go to or for the Windows Live Home page (makes sense to me) or you go to to download stuff or to download stuff (because you're exploring the Windows Live software and services).

That makes complete sense to me.