Logitech SetPoint 3.30 (Vista only)

Logitech SetPoint is the software used to install and control Logitech mice and keyboards. It contains drivers and software enabling you to take full advantage of your mouse and keyboard. It has been reported that this version works with Vista 32bit but not Vista 64bit.

Download: SetPoint 3.30 for Vista 32bit | 48.9MB (Freeware)
Download: SetPoint 3.30 for Vista 64bit | 53.9MB (Freeware)
Link: Forum Discussion (Thanks Intelman)
News source: Logitech

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Thanks for the heads-up, but yeah, I hate drivers being ridiculously large. :-p
Try a tenth of this size and even then it should be able to be quite feature rich.

I even liked the streamlined Creative Labs X-Fi beta driver for Vista. For once they stripped out a lot of cruft and only left the essentials. Sure, it's lacking in some important features, but overall, I love the simplicity of the tool and that I only had to download one program, and it wasn't even using a fancy skin, but left Aero alone! *gasp*

Good News!!! Now i have a complete system on Vista!!

It does strike me as odd to see a link for the 64 bit version if it reportedly doesn't work. :confused: