Lord of the Rings Online takes out World of Warcraft!

The Lord of the Rings Online is enjoying a strong start right out of the gate. Publisher Midway and developer Turbine have announced the game was the best-selling PC title in North America the week of April 22-28, the week of its release. The data comes from the most recent sales info from market-research firm the NPD group.

LOTR Online beat out long-running champ World of Warcraft and fellow newcomer Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars to seize the top spot.

"This outstanding start sets the stage for a bright future," said Jeffrey Anderson, president and CEO of Turbine. "This is only the beginning as we embark on an incredible journey with our players to expand the world of Middle-earth with the release of regular content updates."

"Following the most successful North American pre-order program in Midway's history, The Lord of the Rings Online is off to a great start," added Steve Allison, chief marketing officer, Midway.

In addition to North America, Midway says The Lord of the Rings Online was also the best-selling PC game in Europe during the same period, based on data from the UK's Chart-Track, France's GfK, and Germany's Media Control.

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shirike said,
Damn it, the username Gandalf is taken already. I never expected that :(

You can always make Leegooooolassssssssssssssssss

sure sure and if the european counterpart keeps having their problems , i doubt it will be like that , The biggest mistake was letting CodeMasters hosting it they still didnt learned how to handle the stuff after Rf Online and the other Korean game that went to "free" ( cant recall the name )

about gold farmers err they're already have lots :P

So they beat a 2+ year old MMORPG for one week and they are celebrating?

Those guys at Midway must be easy to please. Come back in 6-12 months when LOTRO isn't so fresh and new.

and not even on the top 10 charts any more.

this is the most ridiculous celebration yet. of CORSE your going to have the top spot for opening week. the pre-sales from the past 5 months are ALL in this one week of 'sales'. i would be surprised if you maintain top 5 for more then 3 weeks.

come back and gloat when you have a million and a half units out the door and a million active subscriptions.

Some love it, some don't, but I think LotRO have staying power if they can offer something Blizzard doesn't, such as customer service.