Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Ships Over 1 Million Units

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition launched in North America and Europe a few days ago. Since then Capcom has shipped out over 1 Million units. 1,040,000 units to be exact. Capcom originally wanted to ship around 740,000 units, but has obviously exceeded that original expectation.

Rumors abound today now that the game has already sold through pretty much the entire first shipment as well. Keep in mind these numbers are from NA and Europe only, they do not include the 12 people who bought the game in Japan, or the 45 units shipped to Japan. That was a joke by the way.

Lost Planet is already topping the Amazon charts, Gamefly rental charts, and several UK game charts as well. Apparently the lukewarm reviews aren't stopping people from enjoying this great game. Look for my review very soon via a Podcast or written review.

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agreed hadisious, this game is one you have to try for yourself to see how great it really is. Dont base your judgment on the opinions of others, or even the reviews atm, rent it, go round a friends who owns it, just play it somehow! Then make your decision

This game is seriously awesome. I didn't think it would be that great, but after playing the retail version it's awesome.

RGSPro said,
Im gunna wait for it to drop it price. $60 is too much for a 5hr simple shoot em up game.

haha your in for a big suprise my friend.... this game is much longer than 5 hrs, more like 10... and its no where NEAR a "simple" shoot em up game. the Vital Suits.... the hookshot, the GIGANTIC monsters. the campaign is fun as hell to play and online is a massive battle. dont write this game off so easily buddy

i picked it up. its ok... im not a huge fan of the dead zone target box but, meh. its another shooter game.

i hope its descent in length. ill try the mp tonight.

thats shipped games, capcom is pulling a Sony on this one...wait till sales are released

also i have heard that the multiplayer is horrible...i buy games for multiplayer re-play if i cant go online and enjoy this game well after the campaign is completed i wont buy it.

Then you heard wrong. I find the multiplayer totally fun, in fact I've enjoyed it more than Gears of War MP or Call of Duty 3 MP or Rainbow Six Vegas MP. It may not be the most robust or "full featured" exp. that other games may offer, but what is there rocks.