Lots of Lumia 920s used to show you the big picture

Want to see something cool?

The Nokia Lumia 920 has been used in an advert for Dutch telecoms company KPN, showing the device playing a video, and then more devices are added, expanding the visible area of the video. The camera then pans out to show 10’s of the devices playing the video, with people adding more 920s to the mix. The final shot shows one giant screen made out of 875 Lumia 920s (25 across by 35 down). Impressive.

What isn’t clear is whether the phones are all playing the video manually, with 875 people starting the video at the same time, or streaming technology has been used to synchronise the handsets into one giant display.

Although how this actually advertises 4G on the network is anyone’s guess. A rough translation of the text reads “Superfast mobile Internet, superfast for you.” Although it does confirm that KPN will be offering the Lumia 920, given that it’s used in the advert. According to our own sources, the 920 should be made available before the end of January on or off contract.

Source: YouTube

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The Lumia 920 is absolutely amazing. Great web page loading speeds on WiFi and 4G. Wireless charging. Smooth/Fluid UI. Nice design. Good camera. Really useful and interesting apps by Nokia.

No doubt the phones were just showing a nice clear blue background for allow them to put the video on top. Still looks cool though

XerXis said,
looks more like they used adobe aftereffects or something similar to give you that effect

What, no this is a feature announced a very long time ago, being able to split up videos across multiple devices.

Can you remember what the tech was called? I remember seeing WP7 having this done, but using different handsets, rather than the same one. Looked awesome!

lumia 920, the most fresh, classy, unique phone in the market.

920 got style, and people would learn to appreciate this awesome device.