Lots of new Lenovo touch-based Windows 8 PCs revealed

Lenovo has already released a number of touchscreen-based Windows 8 laptops, including the Yoga 13 convertible. Today, as part of its CES 2013 announcements, the PC maker revealed a bunch of new touchscreen-based laptops and all-in-one Windows 8 devices that it will be shipping in the coming months.

They include the IdeaPad U310 (shown above) and U410 Ultrabooks with a thickness of 18 mm and Intel Core processors inside. They will be released in the March-April time frame with prices starting at $779. The company will also release larger IdeaPad Z400 and Z500 notebooks, again with 10-point touchscreens, backlit keyboards and Dolby Home Theatre v4 sound support, in the same time frame starting at $699.

You can check out the IdeaPad Z400 and Z500 notebooks in action in the video above.

Lenovo also announced a new all-in-one PC, the IdeaCentre A730, that has an 27 inch screen that can come with either a 1920x1080 resolution or an optional 2560x1440 screen. It's due in June for a starting price of $1,499. Lenovo is also coming out with a smaller 23-inch all-in-one PC, the IdeaCentre C540, that will come with a non-touchscreen in February and a touchscreen version in June.

Finally, Lenovo announced the ThinkVision LT1423p mobile monitor with a 13.3 inch 1600x900 Gorilla Glass touchscreen. This monitor is designed to give users a "second screen" experience with full Windows 8 UI support. It will be released in the second quarter of 2013 in a wired USB version for $349 or $449 for a wireless version.

Source: Lenovo email press release | Images via Lenovo

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Got one last week. One of the best computing devices I have owned. Great touch screen, backlit keyboard is awesome, battery is better than I expected, very thin compared to other Intel notebooks and the touchpad is great.

Two complaints, my palms hit the touchpad too often. I thought the driver included palm sense capabilities. The other complaint is no Windows 8 keys for Charms.

Just bought a Carbon X1, pretty sturdy machines if you ask me!
Too bad they almost have no selling points for customers in Europe, had to order mine in the US with high shipping rates. But it was worth it.
Might order one of those machines, looking good. Go Lenovo!

the thinkvision monitor now that is really clever, a touchscreen mobile display, the vast majority of pc monitors are not touch friendly also cumbersome to use if they where, but a secondary touch display that you can lay flat on your table or take to bed , pure genius. a remote on steroids.

think about it you could use it to duplicate the display from a distance like a remote, or duplicate it use close to use as a massive interactive apple magic trackpad
or you could extend the display and be really productive, because the metro ui naturally fits one touchscreen and one non touch, if this comes with a pen it will be a goldmine for and type of designer or engineer. and finally you can take it to bed or the garden. it is on the slightly expensive side though considering you can buy a surface for tht much and can find cheap monitors.

It comes w/ a stylus, to answer your one question. But my issue is the same, this thing is almost the same price as a surface for being a 'dumb' terminal. Seems overpriced considering all the hardware thats in a surface.

I like the concept and all, but I think it should be priced in the $300-400 range for the wireless device.

Another sidenote though, is I'm wondering why they don't make just one version, sell it for $300-350 (since that's their base starting price) and then just have an empty battery compartment in it, and you could just buy the battery later if you wanted to go wireless.

I have the Lenovo Yoga 13 and it's pretty fantastic. Windows 8 runs very smoothly and it works the best I've seen as a convertible laptop/tablet.

Mac comparison comments (on the IdeaPad) in 3... 2... 1...

Doesn't matter though, they're all beautiful-looking machines. They'd actually make me considering buying an OEM PC again.