Lufthansa takes a second shot at in-flight internet

Lufthansa is planning to launch broadband internet connection services on its laung haul routes by early next year, a company spokesperson confirmed to

The airline is currently in the final stage of its request for proposals and was unable to provide any information on its partners. The Wall Street Journal reported that T-Mobile will provide the network connectivity.

The system is expected to cost about $100m.

In addition to Wi-Fi access for notebook computers, the system will also support cellular data traffic for SMS and email services. Voice communications won't be allowed, as the airline fear that loud conversations will annoy passengers.

The airline last year axed its in-flight Wi-Fi service when Boeing pulled the plug on the its Connexion broadband internet offering. The aircraft manufacturer wrote off $320m in investments and operating costs, citing a lack of demand. Connexion charged up to $29.95 per flight.


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$30 / flight? that means $60 for round trip. are they NUTS?

what if i have tmobile hotpots service for the $29/month willt hat work? since it's a tmobile connection i assume they use something like a hotspot connection. Hopefully that will be it. cuz $29/month beats the hell out of $60 for a round trip. If you fly a lot. would be worth it.

if you think $30 per flight is expensive, you should see wut Emirates airlines charges. If i remmber correctly, they charge $10 per 50Kb!!!!! the hell would I do with 50Kb ????? they assume, you are only gonna check ur email, and probably do it through outlook so u dnt consume bandwidth when u load images from a site like hotmail. coz one image will be enough to cost u the 10 dollars!! :S

and no they dont use Connexion, the use a different service through Inmarsat. IMHO this is worse than Connexion!!.

For business travellers $30 is chargeable to the company. If you flew Lufthansa regularly long haul you would know that if you can't sleep on planes in cattle class that it's dull beyond belief as there are no in-seat videos on Lufthansa's current fleet and $30 is well worth it - having a laptop that can last an 8 hour stretch is more difficult though...

it was mainly offered for business people and similar, so that's why it was that high.
they thought the ones who would take a notebook or mobile device to use this will actually be able to pay for it, be it due to richness or the company paying it for their business men...
but yea, if they wanna make normal people drool about it, too, they better lower the price big time... $10 would be the maximum of a well... OK price

Glassed Silver:mac

$30 is just too much. Unless I was pinched in a situation where I absolutely positivity had to have access to the internet I wouldn't pay for this. Posting on Neowin isn't enough of a priority to me.

"lack of demand" Well, no ****!! $30 a flight for an Internet connection!! Hmmm...I wonder why there was a lack of demand.

Great idea. Obviously it means it will not interfere with aircraft systems as it was always believed. It should make a long haul flight a bit more pleasurable.

Glassed Silver said,
it wasnt just believed, it was KNOWN...
but finally a company pulls the plug and says the same.
and doesnt deny, deny, deny...

Glassed Silver:mac

I think it was the 800-900MHz range that actually interfered with aircraft's navigation systems... mainly the landing beacon that gides you into the runway... if I remember it correctly