Lumia 625 available for preorder in the UK at £249.98 shipping on Sep 16th

Nokia’s latest Lumia 625 has finally received a release date and price for UK customers. The phone, which was originally unveiled a few weeks ago is now available for pre-order and it retails for £249.98 without contract. The retailer, Unlocked Mobiles, is now taking pre-orders for the device.

The Lumia 625 is a refreshed and upgraded version of Nokia’s earlier low-end device, the Lumia 620. The new handset has an impressive 4.7-inch screen making it a very good deal for those on a budget that want large devices. The 625 also comes with LTE support and expandable storage in form of microSD cards.

While Nokia just said Q3 as a launch window, thanks to Unlocked Mobiles we now also have a much more exact launch date. The mobile retailers lists September 16th as the shipping date for all pre-orders. Nokia has yet to confirm pricing and availability.

We’ve seen Nokia pushing low-end devices with a high degree of success and now the Lumia 625 has a real chance of becoming another hit for the Finnish company.

Source: The Inquirer | Image via Nokia

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theyarecomingforyou said,
And the new Nexus 7 can be found for as little as £180. This device is hugely overpriced.

This is a phone.

This happens a lot with Lumia devices at launch, the 720 launched after the 820 and was more expensive than the 820 for a few weeks before its price dropped.

theyarecomingforyou said,

The point remains, you're paying a lot and not getting much in return.

Except for LTE, this phone isn't much of an upgrade for some previous lumia owners.

Well it would make a bit more sense to compare phone prices rather than tablet to phone. Nexus 4 is around £300.

Anyway as always launch prices are a bit high, would rather get a 820 even though it's a bit chunky which these days is about the same price. Give it a couple of months though and this'll be £200.