Lumia 830 is headed to AT&T

Earlier this year, when Microsoft bought the smartphone division of Nokia, many wondered if the division would continue pumping out devices like it had when it was under Nokia's control. While we have seen the Lumia 530 and many other Windows Phones that will be released later this year, we now also know that there is a new Lumia on its way to AT&T.

The device is codenamed 'Train' and it will be headed to AT&T as the Lumia 830. While we don't have a release date, yet, we do expect it to show up in the not-too-distant future. 

The Lumia 830 is expected to be a mid-range successor to the Lumia 820, shown here

Images of a rumored Lumia 830 appear to be legitimate but it's hard to say if the phone in the picture is actually the Train handset. The information about heading to AT&T comes from a reliable source, so take it as fact until proven otherwise.

Seeing that the HTC One Windows Phone is headed to Verizon - and may well be an exclusive, as no other version have been spotted - AT&T will be in need of a premium Windows Phone before the holiday shopping. So far, the rumors have been quiet about what or if a new Lumia will arrive besides the 830. However, we do not expect the Lumia 830 to be a premium phone.

We will keep digging to see if we can find out more about the Lumia 830 but for those of you on AT&T, this is good news as it will give you another, more modern, Windows Phone to choose from when it is time to upgrade.

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Heres hoping that the 830 comes to the rest of the carriers as is. If Tmobile decides to do another 810 stunt, I will be pretty upset.

Hoping they announce the 1030 by end of September, for availability on AT&T by early November!

(fingers crossed, as I need/want an update for my 920 on AT&T, and the 930 isn't going to be an option and isn't really pushing my buttons anyway)

lets make it happen really want to upgrade my 820 :) while it's a great device it's getting up there in age and updates may stop at any time

Updates are unlikely to stop anytime soon. This phone is fairly potent and could be supported longer than many of the entry-level ones.

The day they stop supporting it, there goes the 920 and 1020.

i'm not concerned about Microsoft updates I know they'll hold up it's those pesky carrier controlled Firmware's not worry me

Seems like August-November is going to see a good number of new WP8.1 devices, we still have rumors of stuff from LG and Samsung and others.

Samsung, Nokia, and HTC giving all their best Windows phones exclusive to Verizon. :-(

Death to carrier exclusives. Put your phones on every carrier.

Avatar Roku said,
Samsung, Nokia, and HTC giving all their best Windows phones exclusive to Verizon. :-(

Death to carrier exclusives. Put your phones on every carrier.

As long as Verizon or AT&T want to pay extra to get these exclusive deals they're not going to stop doing them.

Avatar Roku said,
Samsung, Nokia, and HTC giving all their best Windows phones exclusive to Verizon. :-(

Death to carrier exclusives. Put your phones on every carrier.

I remember AT&T having the 920 at launch with Verizon stuck with the 822 until the 928 came out. AT&T also has the 1020 and 1530 as well. The Icon is really thus far the only exclusive from Nokia for Verizon against other US carriers. AT&T definitely has the best line up of Windows Phones on the US carrier side.

Would love for this carrier exclusiveness to go away myself.

I don't know. The 930 (Icon) and upcoming HTC M8 (Windows Phone) are two flagships that will be Verizon exclusive. :/

I want to go back to WP with a 930 but Verizon is not in my future.

My 820's screen cracked. I've been toying with buying a phone with a bad digitizer and transplanting the LCD screen, but I think I'll just wait... :D

Might be actually something I might consider buying unlocked when it shows up on eBay if it's good enough. Don't really care to have top of the line phone if the one down can do just fine for what I use it...