Lumia 900 magenta/fuchsia version outed

Nokia's trend towards creating multi-colored versions of its smartphones has extended to its Lumia line-up. For its new flagship phone, the Lumia 900, the company has already released a cyan, black and white version of the Windows Phone device. Both the cyan and white versions are very popular here in the US; they are still on back order at AT&T's online store.

Now there's word of yet another upcoming color for the Lumia 900. The Finnish retailer Gigantti (via E's Phone blog ) has posted up a pre-order page for an upcoming version of the smartphone that has the color of either magenta or fuchsia (depending on which label on the site you believe).

Nokia has yet to officially reveal this new color version for the Lumia 900 and it's entirely possible that it is being made strictly as a Finland exclusive, since that's also Nokia's home country. However, we suspect that this magenta/fuchsia version might also find its way to the US and other territories, if for no reason than to help out AT&T with supply issues with the other Lumia 900 versions. In any case, we also suspect that this color will be very popular as well.

Image via Gigantti

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This version has been on display at the Microsoft stores for at least the past few weeks and there is a bundle being offered that includes this color. Either this article is a tad late or the phone was released to the stores early.

I love has always been my favorite color. Magenta is the exact color name. It's just a hot pink. You don't have to be gay to like it. I love seeing a girl in hot pink.

mrmomoman said,
The skins that are offered are pretty tight and feel like the phone once on. Yellow skin is available I think.

Agreed, with the cases fitting so well to the lumia 800/900 why would anyone not use a case?

My friend who's favorite color is green said if there was a green version he would buy it, knowing about the uncertainty around upgrade to Windows Phone 8 and everything. He's that much of a green fanatic.

FoxieFoxie said,

As a guy, I would date you if you had one and I am not even gay

So would I. That color's hot enough to even make a het wet.

Reading these comments made me feel like I was Reddit. It's kind of sad to say that these are some of the funniest comments I'll see on this website.