Lumia 928 infographic takes a shot in the dark

Nokia is going all-out promoting their range of high-end Lumia Windows Phones, producing video ads that pit the Lumia 928Lumia 925 and Lumia 920 against the latest Apple and Samsung devices in a low-light photo shoot-off. The Finnish company continues to promote these phones as having the best low-light camera going around, and now Microsoft is joining in.

On the Windows Phone website, Microsoft has published an infographic in conjunction with Nokia that highlights just how much time people spend in low-light conditions, obviously attempting to sway users to purchase a smartphone with superior camera performance in these sort of conditions. The image, which contains some interesting statistics, finishes with a short banner advert for the Lumia 928, and can be seen below.

Via: Microsoft

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I'm a 920 owner and even I'm getting sick of the 'we take great photos' line. I don't think they're going to build market share with this alone.

So, just a info graph with no stats/source to back it up. 70% of people primarily use their phone to take many people were surveyed and from what area of the world? Just numbers thrown together in a graphic which means squat unless more info is provided.

And the problem with bad photos goes way back before digital. Lots do not know how to take pics...the correct lighting, angle.

techbeck said,
So, just a info graph with no stats/source to back it up.

You can see the sources listed on the page linked in the article, corresponds to the numbers in the boxes.

I have yet to see a UFO or a Lumia out in the wild. Which will happen first? Either way, I will need to photograph it with my Android device.

Scorpus said,
They all use the same sensor, so they're the same

A few weeks ago I posted the same thing. Funny thing is that people who are supposedly knowledgeable of the phone and the company disagreed.

So this isn't better or is it Can you guys make up your minds once and for all?