Luxottica partners with Google on future Glass projects

Today, Luxottica and Google have announced a new partnership that will bring new innovative wearables to the market. The relationship between Luxottica and Google will allow companies with technology-based backgrounds to engage with designers of eyewear and apparel. The new partnership will also bring two prominent eyewear brands, Ray Ban and Oakley, who will be specifically tapped for Google Glass projects.

Previously, Google used in-house design teams to create the first and second iterations of Google Glass. Although modern, the styles of the glasses were not varied enough to spark favorable responses. Google has recently attempted to correct this by offering an option between 4 different types of frames and the option to use Glass with prescription lenses. Although the new frames are lightweight, stylish, and made of quality titanium, they still don't have the massive diversity or selection when choosing a standard pair of glasses. This new partnership will allow Google to work with companies that have had decades of design of eyewear manufacturing experience and match that with the technology that Google has pioneered. 

While there can only be speculation at this point it seems like Glass and Oakley would be a natural partnership considering Oakley has been associated with multiple sports and also has a line of winter goggles. An official date has not been set as to when the first products of this new partnership will be released. 

Source: LuxotticaImage via Luxottica

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I see this taking off more so in the business market than the consumer. Would be great for warehouses, retail, and other business applications. Being able to read a barcode and get instant pricing info, how many in stock, and being able to order from a device like this would be pretty handy. Right now, people are walking around with radios, hand held scanners, and other devices that Glass, or a similar device, could do. But battery life would probably need to be imroved before any practical use.

I think it's a step forward. They will be able to better engineer battery more seamlessly into the actually frame of the glasses to make the device smaller over time. Have you seen how thick the side frame is on some of those nasty Oakleys? lol

I'll try it when it's integrated into the actual lens on the glasses and you can fully control the visibility from off to whatever on that lens. Once it's integrated into both lenses, the augmented reality thing will really start to take off and so will the ads haha!

honestly, I love glass concept but Its not doable in large scale this year or even next year. just like amazon air delivery. very futuristic. Its going to be lots of lawsuits and troubles around it.

neonspark said,
ray ban glassholes. will still flop.

RayBan died when DelVecchio\Luxottica bought it. Luckily I was able to buy ten pairs of the true old Caravan ones years ago.