Lycos is not dead, will launch new services in 2013

Back when Internet access exploded in the 1990s, Lycos was one of the most popular search engines and was competing against the likes of Yahoo and others. When Google came on the scene, all the other search engine solutions became less popular. However, Lycos, as a website, still exists today and still offers search engine results powered by Yahoo (which itself uses an engine based on Microsoft's Bing technology).

That will reportedly change in 2013, according to a story posted on Company CEO Rob Balazy states:

In the coming year you will see us introduce a new proprietary search product. I don’t want to say too much about it as it’s still in the planning stage but we have a vision to merge the notion of a search-type activity with a curated content experience.

Google does something like what Balazy describes with its Knowledge Graph database and Bing has been adding similar information to its search results with its snapshot feature. However, Balazy says Lycos' approach will be different, saying:

We’ll focus more on the head terms, the search queries that are important and matter to people and really focus on the presentation layer, making the user experience really intuitive, really beautiful and take the same data-driving approach we’re doing with our homepage.

Currently, is an old fashioned web portal, although the company is also branching out and releasing iOS games such as the puzzle game Evnicible. Its website creator business Tripod is also still live after 15 years. However, Lycos, which was bought in 2010 by India-based Ybrant Digital, has yet to reveal any specifics about its current revenues or the number of visitors it now has on the site.

Source: TheNextWeb | Image via Lycos

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Hey.. hey hey hey... hey.. does anyone remember angelfire websites? I mean fan sites. Like anime and stuff.. lol.

I remember back in those days, I tried Lycos several times and thought they were pretty good. But for some reason I kept using Yahoo for most of my searches.

I remember my college search engine options back in 1998/99 - Yahoo, Altavista and Lycos.

Altavista and Yahoo was always my selection until that good old clean Google appeared.

AltaVista and Lycos.... the "Yahoo" alternative that was better..... until this unknown called Google came around

tsupersonic said,
Whoa, Lycos! I remember that from back in the day. Also, Altavista

Yep they sure ****ed up. I think I heard somewhere when google was just 2 guys they tried selling to altavista.

cork1958 said,
Used to love AltaVista!!

Still use it too, even if it based on Yahoo. At least Alta Vista's website isn't so bloated like Yahoo!

Powered by Yahoo, which is powered by Bing. Not sure why the Altavista site is up

They know there are still people who will use it who would not otherwise use Yahoo. They need to hold on to every user they can.