iPhone puts Apple into the medical sector

Apple have been showing off the new iPhone features as part of the WWDC Apple is running in America.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features and pieces of news is how the medical community will use this device to possibly save many lives in the future. Apparently the medical community now 'flocking to the iPhone' Push notifications allow someone's lab to be pushed right to a doctor. The notification links more information on the patient. Hopefully the patient lives. But it can also stream EKG information over 3G.

Having live stats on patients on the iPhone can show Doctors exactly when a patient is in trouble and be able to respond quickly. Doctors can monitor patients on their iPhones now when they are busy tending to others.

The Apple presenter states: "If I see a problem, I can tap the pause, scroll back over time...pinch zoom...and enable touch calibration to measure the distance of a cardiac event."

If your Doctor doesn't have an iPhone, get him one this Christmas.

Image credit: Gizmodo

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-Patient: "Doctor, I have been feeling terrible stomach pain and I've been throwing up all night"

-Doctor: "There's an app for that!"

It won't have patient data on it, the data is streamed to the iPhone and displayed in real-time, it's not kept around afterwards. It's a way for Doctors to check stats on patients without needing to be there beside the bed looking at the monitors...

As the Windows Mobile and Palm markets did have a high concentration of medically related apps, it's safe to say that now that Apple has "moved in" on that territory, Windows Mobile and Palm are effectively going to die faster than ever.

There's really nothing left for WinMo and Palm devices to do as everybody wants a damned iPhone nowadays and more apps come out every second.

Seems like a shame, but... what can you do.

You know, I really don't think it was the lack of medical-related apps that was preventing the iPhone from going on this theoretical rampage.

Uh, the iPhone will now have a Remote Wipe feature, you can erase everything on the iPhone from a computer, so no worries there.

MGS3_GrayFox said,
Uh, the iPhone will now have a Remote Wipe feature, you can erase everything on the iPhone from a computer, so no worries there.

Yea, same with Blackberry phones...but you have to know right away that your phone is missing and erase it quickly. I have seen people lose the BBs and dont know for hours that its not where they left it. Thats all it takes for info to get stolen.