Cops pull TV-links, claim facilitation of infringement

Last week's arrest of a 26-year-old Cheltenham man, and the related closure of the TV-links website, has prompted a flurry of speculation that the very foundations of the internet (linking to stuff) might be under threat. Although this might be a worry too far, legal eagles at Pinsent Masons say that it could be an important test case of UK law.

After an investigation by the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) and local trading standards office, police swooped on an address in Cheltenham on Thursday last week, cuffing a 26-year-old for "offences relating to the facilitation of copyright infringement on the Internet" according to the FACT announcement. The man has been released pending further investigation

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allofmp3 has more legal standing than this site did. (that's not much btw) But still, the MPAA or IFPI is kinda missing the boat here. I only knew about the site for a few months and didn't watch hardly anything on it except several of the myth buster shows. And remembering a few shows I'd totally forgotten the names to. I would think the MPAA/IFPI would want their shows out there in people's minds. Easy sell. If no one knows a product is out there, how does it sell? Heck I didn't know Star Trek Next Gen had come out with a 49 dvd Box set of the entire series way back on Oct 2. Why waste all that packaging without getting the info out that was coming out? Who listens to the radio anymore? MPAA/IFPI/RIAA and whoever keeps missing the point. Some of us will buy their stuff legally, but how else shall we find out if their stuff is good enuf to buy let alone exist. And in the music world at least, except the library, it's kinda hard to rent good new release cd's. Unless your into Beethoven (which I am actually) but I doubt many others would be. Beethoven one moment and Rammstein the next :P

Now on the last comment. funny thing.... I'm more like screw the USA, it's like a bigger version of the UK. uh wait a minute...... It is!!! Do'h!!!

Well, now we can get into the stupidity of 'linking can be illegal'.

In the US a few years ago, there was a case where 2600 magazine linked to copies of DeCSS.

2600 lost the case, the links had to be removed. They were replaced with http:// text, without the anchor tags.

The summary: no anchor tag = protected speech, same text as before but as a hyperlink = not protected.

Chipshop said,
I sure don't.
Arresting anyone for linking to things is a bit harsh. that's like arresting me for saying to a friend a link to a movie :s
But you can tell your friend where and how to easily rob a convenient,... wich would make you an accomplice in crime!

#1 and #2's statement makes the linking to cyberpedophile website legit.

Thank you!


#1 and #2's statement makes the linking to cyberpedophile website legit.

Yes, that sounds right to me. I *do* really think this shouldn't be illegal, you can move on with your "think about the children" thing as much as you want. You are not the wrongdoer here. What you say would just put websites like Digg at risk. What if someone post a link at a social news site like Digg to tell others "this is rumored to be a pedophile suspect's website". Then it get voted on a lot and makes the front page because people don't like pedophiles. Then the site is taken down because he WAS a pedophile running that site and maybe even had some hidden material on it. Then the Digg admins get sued for letting it happen and not be some kind of super spies. Fair?

This could lead to extreme overprotectionism at Neowin forums, social news sites, anywhere. Not just against pedophile or such sites (don't worry, those are really frowned upon, I'd say, with or without this law), but anything merely suspicious to be illegal. Suspect Apple document leaks, whatever. It would be easiest for moderated sites to simply disable linking to be safe, or suffer a massive workload.

<gratuitousNerd>that's only because of the Khitomer accord, there's still contention about the (Klingon as distinct from Romulan) Neutral Zone</gratuitousNerd>

mrbester said,
<gratuitousNerd>that's only because of the Khitomer accord, there's still contention about the (Klingon as distinct from Romulan) Neutral Zone</gratuitousNerd>

Huh? The Klingon and Romulan Neutral Zone is one the same!