Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta Begins Today

Microsoft is expected to officially open the beta program for Windows Live Messenger 9.0 this afternoon (or early evening). Windows Live Messenger 9.0 is the next generation of Windows Live Messenger; this release is a "major" release and as such there will be no further interim builds for Windows Live Messenger. The beta program for Windows Live Messenger is by invitation only and those invitations were sent out last week on Tuesday - Wednesday (the 21st, and 22nd respectively). Currently the beta program has been limited to 5,000 testers and will later be expanded to a larger group.

As reported by several sites, the program was not put on hold at all due to the feature list being leaked over the holiday weekend, additionally, sites also reported that some testers had already gotten the build and that was just a rumor. Coincidentally, almost all of the sites that had posted the feature list for Windows Live Messenger had politely removed the list of features. Again, the beta program is expected to officially start this afternoon or early evening. We will be updating this post when the build is released on Microsoft's Connect web site. We will share more information as it comes in and we will share as much information as we are allowed to by our non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

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well I guess i was right.. Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta .msi file has been leaked and I'm useing the leaked copy on one of my non Beta accounts on my other system and it works 100% without any hacking/editing files

Search for ( Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta ) on

Downloading my install now. I didn't even check my email. I saw this in the Neowin RSS just now and went straight to Connect to see if my Invite changed from pending to activated LoL.

Been trying to annoy people with the custom login sound but nobody has said anything. I'm assuming it's not backward compatible.

it took longer to login the first time (on vista 32)... and it is saying "Sign in may take longer than usual. thanks for your patience!"

i give it less then 8 hrs and a leaked copy will be on the net with a hack to make the leaked copy work.. so i have no clue as to why microsoft has the non-disclosure agreement..

Just got a confirmation email stating I have been accepted into the beta.
I've downloaded the beta, and the build ID is 9.0.1407.1107

Idiots added links in personal messages for making it easier to spread malware but of course no tabbed convos

Yes they have but thats not what bothers us, there is a new feature that can be a security risk (if you have the beta you should know which one i am on about) IT either needs to be changed or scrapped.