Zune 80 battery test results

CNET Labs have just published the results of their Zune 80 audio-only battery drains and the numbers are somewhat disappointing. Microsoft rated the Zune 80 for 30 hours of audio playback with the Wi-Fi feature turned off. Lab testing revealed that the Zune 80 is realistically capable of 22 hours of audio playback with the Wi-Fi feature turned off, or 18.5 hours with the Wi-Fi feature enabled.

While 22 hours is certainly better than the 13 hours we got from the first-generation Zune, it's nowhere close to the 45 hours we were able to get from the competing 80GB iPod Classic.

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I don't see anything in the article that states this was an average over several units tested. If you going to claim numbers, you should do your homework.

Now to be fair I think, it should be stated Microsoft nearly doubled their time on their 2nd gen zune which is pretty good....Apple has had time to tweak power over the five or six gens of their ipods. I have a Nano and a Zune 30...and I like both :P

My Sony S706 does 50 and only slightly lower with (built-in) noise-cancelling turned on (why do Sony suck so much at marketing their superior products?! )

Eh, I don't really trust most of what CNET says anymore. If it's MS made it will be bashed and if it's Apple then they're all over it with smiles ear to ear 9 times out of 10. That's what I've seen from them over the last year, so I'll wait for other reviewers to get a hold of one.

Odd, the 160 is rated at 40hrs while the 80 at 30hrs on apples site. Maybe they wanted to make the 160 look more appealing by lowering the spec on the 80?

Anyway CNET claims 45hrs in their article, I guess it could be possible with large amounts of ram and a preset playlist (ie you're not changing or skipping tracks).

well you don't on the radio while you're playing the music nor do you leave the screen on all the time. as the test said its an audio only. meaning they clicked play and left it running till it went flat.

radio which is off = not running = not (or just very little) consuming energy.
screen energy use mainly due to lighting if im not wrong. -> not clicking buttons all the time = screen lumination = off -> see above

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