Firefox Gaffe Prompts Quick Fix

Bug hunter Kevin Han posted an issue that was later labeled as severe, the bug causes certain images in a web page to be poorly represented.

The error concerns the representation of vector graphics using HTML and JavaScript. Firefox reacts to the JavaScript method canvas.drawImage() with the exception of "NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE". The method drawImage() should render pixel images into vector graphics drawing.

The developers have already released an updated [nightly] build that fixes this problem, the Windows version can be found here, the Linux version here. The Mac build crashed in the MozillaAliveTest, the development team is investigating.

You can reproduce this bug by looking at

For Firefox, this shows the photos fine. However the title and photographer name are on a plain background, when instead, they should be on a background of a inverted copy of the lower portion of the photo.

If you see the plain white background, you have repro'd the bug.
If you see the inverted photo background, you have verified the fix!

Link: Bugzilla@Mozilla – Bug 405584

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Bugzilla comment: "The release of is _tentatively_ scheduled for Friday 30th Nov. If that
comes off it'll be the fastest turnaround between Firefox releases to date (ie,
it relies on everything in the release process going without a hitch)."

I consider the placing of the text over the picture (great when it is a dark photo with dark text) should you not be running script a bigger gaffe...

tiagosilva29 said,

No it doesn't. .10 was released a couple of days ago.
I only updated a couple days ago but when I reloaded yesterday it wasn't available to update

Please do not upgrade to FireFox A bug(Bug 405584 Canvas.drawImage method is not working) is causing FoxSaver not showing pictures. You can download a release from FireFox nightly build here: Linux, Widnows.

causing FoxSaver not showing pictures ? I have Firefox and I can still see the picture, just without the fancy white gradient under the labels, no big deal.

8-n-1 said,
Is this related to or separate from the FF security vulnerability in this security advisory?

I'm guessing it's only related in that this security vulnerability was fixed in, wheras this bug first started to appear in it.

At a choice between a few random images not appearing correctly or a possible security vulnerability, I'll pick the dodgy images.

And like Neobond, I'll wait for an official update before I upgrade. I hadn't even noticed it and I've been using it for about 24 hours now.