Coloured Labels Now Available on Gmail

Back in the Paleolithic Era, the world was a very different kind of place. People were hunter-gatherers, lived in caves, and kept all their email in folders*. You can't really blame them. Between tracking woolly mammoths, fashioning crude stone tools, and auditioning for commercials, having a highly tuned system for organizing email wasn't their highest priority.

But people changed. We moved out of caves and into skyscrapers. We hunt for bargains at the corner grocery. And we play video games simulating ourselves playing video games.

Today, we're happy to announce the next evolution of labels: the colored label. Until now the label has been a little inconspicuous creature, subtly suggesting categorical associations in its simple green coat. Oh, we've seen the colored label here and there, its precursors surfacing in various experiments and Greasemonkey scripts; but the label has never before been so brazen, so bold. How will it use its new colors? Will it disguise itself with the chameleon's camouflage or clamor for attention with the monarch butterfly's vivid contrast?

News source: Official Gmail Blog
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IT is very good addition in gmail .......

but if somebody don't want to use that feature means who don't want to login in new version .....

how can he/she change it ....
i know there is a option of new/older version but that is for that time ,when u log in again u wull be switched to newer version

Nice, finally catching up to a 6 year old concept from Outlook. Way to be the trend setters!

Let's reward their 'ingenious' work by spreading the word on how great they can copy Microsoft, almost as good as Apple.


Whatever way you look at it, GMail is an excellent product. It has helped turn web based mail right around. Its light, works on virtually any browser, has AMPLE space, and makes excellent use of existing Google technologies.

And i'm sorry but have you completely failed to notice about how obsessed Microsoft are with copying and trying to defeat Google?! What about ALL the web services that Google bring out, that Microsoft then bring out a few months later?!

jkenn99 said,
Outlook has had this for ages. Why is this front page-worthy?

One could use your logic and ask why you posted here...

I like these colored labels... I wish they would improve the interface a little more in terms of its layout/looks. Google tends to make things too dumbed down/simplistic. I was about to start using a normal email client to get/read my mail from them, but I like these colored labels very much.

Its been slow lately for me loading the page also.

tried this out this morning, so freakin nice... i'm now seein why pple like gmail so much. had to get use to the fact, u cant put things in folders tho.

I just switched to GMail, but I'm not one for keeping so much order in my inbox.Maybe if it coloured certain emails as they arrived (i.e. ones from MySpace etc...)

Labels are pretty much the same as folders, only an email can be in multiple "folders" at once or not if you choose it to be.

Hmm, what do you need folders for when you have labels?

Labels are like folders, just allowing mails to exist in more than one folder at once.

I also want folders!

I got lotsa newsletters, but stuff that wasn't labeled gets mixed up in that one dump bucket we call Gmail. Gmail needs to adapt to customer needs. I must say folders is the ony reason I'm still sticking with Yahoo! Mail.

Why is there an IFRAME in this article pointing to Kaspersky picked it up as a trojan downloader.

There are a lot of people who proudly proclaim that they don't need anti-malware because they "only browse safe sites" that are going to be surprised by this. :P

Sounds like there is a bad advert being served, perhaps?

Since the News section seems to be up, it would be nice if some staffer was able to create a pinned news topic specifically on this temporary outage to keep us notified of what is going on.

It would be a wierd advert, then. The IFRAME was contained within the DIV element of this article, which really isn't possible unless an advertiser somehow got access to the HTML before it was served to the browser.

As small and minor as it may be, it is definitely a nice little addition. I rely entirely on the labels to organize the madness that is my gmail Inbox, so this may help out a little, although I think I personally have to many labels for it to really make a significant difference.

I also noticed for the first time yesterday that the Chat now works in Safari. It may have been working for awhile now, I just never knew it.

EDIT - And I see that although Chat now works in Safari, these colored labels do not. Oh well, gonna have to wait awhile to use them.

EDIT 2 - Actually the labels do work in Safari, even though the announcement says it would only work in IE7 and Firefox 2.