First Russian BitTorrent User Sentenced

With rampant piracy across much of Russia, one could be forgiven for thinking they don’t care about copyright there. That assertion is now up for debate as the first BitTorrent user in Russia is sentenced for illegally distributing software, with anti-copyright activists calling for people to jump on a torrent in protest. According to a report from, a man has made history by becoming the first person in Russia to be convicted for using BitTorrent to infringe copyright. Sergei Avramov appeared in court in the city of Rostov-on-Don, accused of the illegal distribution of pirated software. Despite his actions being strictly not-for-profit, he was found guilty and received a 12 month suspended sentence.

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1C is also urged to remove all torrents from So now they are in problems. There is a big anti 1C company is picking up a speed. So big as they stepped back and offered negotiations to torrent users/their customers. Meeting will hold a place on Dec 21-22.

Anyway this case happened only due to unprofessional judge. And the guy was accused only because he was an initial seeder.

Ohh my friends will be sooooo excited about this news!

She has a site with several small game related programs. One of them was recently taken by somebody in Russia and resource hacked to translate it to russian but this person removed all reference to my friend and her site, and he claimed complete responsibility for making me. My friend figured since they don't care about copyright in Russia, theres nothing she can do. So in the least she could at least threaten to report him if he doesn't remove that file and provide that link as something to show him he ain't invincible from copyright violation.

It's stupid imprisoning people for this. Half of the online world would have to go to jail if everyone were treated the same way. I think copyright infringement is wrong but that's just too harsh. Lots of crimes involving violence get lighter sentences. It's a screwed up world in some ways.

i did not read the entire article but the way i see it anyone who "sells" pirated stuff should be sentenced much stiffer penaltys vs those who just "download" it.

since one profits from other peoples work and the other does not... big difference there ;)

so in other words anyone who just "downloads/uploads" pirated stuff should never see a day or jail time... maybe fines is about all.

metallithrax said,
Suspended sentence, he doesn't actually go to jail unless he does something else.

Thank you! At least someone here has actually read the article.

M2Ys4U said,
a year in jail for using bittorrent? Damn.

I know piracy is wrong but that seems a bit of a harsh penalty

Psh didn't the FBI give harsher sentances to people who downloaded star wars before it was released in the USA? I vageuely remember someone getting 3 years for something related to that and bittorrent

neufuse said,

Psh didn't the FBI give harsher sentances to people who downloaded star wars before it was released in the USA? I vageuely remember someone getting 3 years for something related to that and bittorrent

Possibly, I don't know. That would also be harsh.

The only people who deserve jail sentences for piracy are the big time pirates who make money out of it. Casual piracy should be dealt with by issuing fines and stuff

Neither that guy I'm afraid. This is just another 'we-will-show-the-world-we-follow-the-rules' show presented by the Kremlin. Just picking some random people that are using Bittorrent instead of going after those people selling illegal dvd's is just... But that's of course my own opinion :)

After the reading the original article on TorrentFreak:

Avramov was accused of using uTorrent to illegally distribute a piece of expensive business software called 1C which is apparently an application allowing the automation of day-to-day business operations. It’s entirely possible that Avramov upset the wrong businessman in targeting this unusual software.

Isn't the Russian democracy lovely?

I am intrigued by your ideas, and would like to receive your newsletter!

I do agree with what you just said. However, I do think 12 months is the right amount of punishment for a crime like pirating. Twelve years in "Federal Pound Me In the Ass" prison is just WAY too harsh for the severity of the crime. I wish the US would lighten up on the length of the sentence. I'm not condoning piracy, but really... 10+ years?