Symantec: 72% of Email was Spam in November

According to Symantec’s December State of Spam Report, which took 450 million inboxes worldwide into consideration, 72% of November emails were spam. Spammers and anti-spam programs fought hard in the ongoing battle of what gets to the user’s inbox. Throughout November, spammers employed tactics such as: Thanksgiving holiday captions in subject lines, advertisements of replica products, mass e-mail address collection using an animated snowball .gif image, “free” gift-cards from well-known companies, and seasonal lotto scams. Companies behind anti-spam products released updated versions of their products, shared information between each other, and once again employed more advanced filtering techniques.

View: December 2007 State of Spam Report (PDF)

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One "Study" by another company just reported that 95% of all email is spam. I found that one a little hard to believe. But it wouldn't matter if 99.9% of all email was spam, spam just can't get past the super powerful filters in Mail on a Mac. I'm not trolling, just stating real facts.

SK[ said,#4.1]Outlook 2003/2007's filters are very good imo.

Yeah, you're right. It's very good!

What's kinda funny is that first OL2007 detects spam and than it's placed in McAfee's Junk-folder.
Which means that when I open up OL2007junkmail folder... it's empty!

Super powerful? That must be the "Wow" factor!

As in "wow", here's yet another person fallen victim to the idea that Macs are invincible.

Opinion is not fact. You are stating real opinions not facts.

No spam filter is 100%, not even your magic Mac. That, my friend, is fact.

It depends on what end of the filters you are on. IP based filters at my work end up blocking 20% of incoming connections, but the text filters identify 76% of incoming mail as spam.