Live Messenger 8.5 update no longer supported on XP x64

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From the Inside Windows Live Messenger Team Blog: Back in November we shipped the final version of Windows Live Messenger 8.5 along with several other Windows Live applications and services. A lot of you have already upgraded, and for that we thank you and hope you're enjoying it as much as we enjoyed building it. Starting soon, we're going to make it easier for those of you who haven't upgraded yet to get onto our latest and greatest.

This will happen in two phases. First, everyone running Windows XP or Windows Vista will get a prompt encouraging you to upgrade. When you accept the upgrade, the new unified installer will launch and start upgrading Messenger. While it's installing, you'll have the option to download and install other Windows Live applications. You don't have to take any of them, but we think you'll like them and hope you'll give them a try.

It will take a couple of weeks for us to get this upgrade out to all users, so if you don't get it right away don't worry, it's coming. If you don't want to wait, you can go to to download and install Messenger 8.5 right now.

After everyone's gotten the optional upgrade, those of you still running a beta version of Messenger 8.5 will receive a required upgrade to the final version. When this phase kicks in you'll be blocked from logging in until you complete the upgrade. The final version is even better and more stable than the beta versions, we want you to have the best experience possible! A special note for those of you running Messenger 8.5 Beta on Windows XP 64-bit or Windows 2003 Server: the final version of Messenger 8.5 will not install or run on your OS. We don't want you to get stuck out in the cold so you will not receive the mandatory upgrade to the final version. However, these operating systems won't be supported by future Messenger versions. You may stay on your current beta version, or to get to a more stable final version we recommend that you uninstall Messenger 8.5 and go back to Messenger 8.1.

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ive downloaded an offline install for 8.5 since the installer refuses to install on my xp x64...

it works perfectly just like any other 32 bit app

OMG when they relalize we dont want there ****ty vista.
time to get everyone and mac and screw microsoft for there ingnrand standing in software.

Yes, on both points.
The article is saying anyone still on the beta version will be forcefully upgraded (or locked out)

get windows NT ! MSN messenger 5 limit, hah what a long time ago it was when that was top of the range :P

probably just a matter of using a command line switch with the .msi file to override the operating system version detection and the program is fully functional, they have done the same with the Windows Home Server client connector software claiming it will not support XP x64 but when using the following command to install, it's fully functional...

msiexec /i \SERVERSoftwareHome Server Connector Softwarewhsconnector.msi WHSMSI="RUNSETUP"

There is a big difference between 'will not support' and 'will not run'

Though a lot is determined by how much the latter is artificially forced, to enforce the former.

Live Messenger v8.5 final installed and works fine on both my XP x64 PCs.

I think I did it by installing it on XP x86, finding the .msi file and just running the .msi file on XP x64. I then renamed it and keep it on my server as Windows Live Messenger v8.5.1302.1018.msi

XP x64 is a fantastic OS, Windows 2003 SP2 core, XP look and feel, NO WGA on anything, low system requirements and a 64-bit OS.

It's a ploy to push Windows Vista more than likely. Stupid, really, seeing as the final bits run on Windows XP x64 Edition and Windows Server 2003 anyway.

I don't see why they're specifically blocking those OS's, surely if the betas run on them then the Finals would run ok as well? It's obviously deliberate, I just can't see why.

A special note for those of you running Messenger 8.5 Beta on Windows XP 64-bit or Windows 2003 Server: the final version of Messenger 8.5 will not install or run on your OS.

Understandable. MS just doesn't have the resources.