Desktop grade IE6 coming to Windows Mobile 6.1 Q4 2008

Nice find from our friends at MoDaCo:

"This wasn't really covered back at the Windows Mobile 6.1 launch at CTIA, partly because we were a bit slack when it came to the actual Windows Mobile 6.1 announcement when it FINALLY came and partly because the press release was so, well, vauge... but Microsoft did made a significant announcement regarding Pocket Internet Explorer, and I figured today was as good a day as any to round up the facts.

Right, so as the title suggests... "Desktop grade IE6 is coming to Windows Mobile 6.1 by the end of 2008".

The official release comes in the form of the 6.1 announcement at Microsoft PressPass

Checkout MoDaCo for a full demo video

Video: >> Click here <<
View: IE6 Coming to Windows Mobile

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So, basically they'll be copying the iPhone method to allow easy viewing of the full page and zooming to chunks of the page.

Why is that when Apple puts a desktop browser on a mobile phone it's 'Innovative' but if someone else does it, it's 'imitation'. Answer me that?

Microsoft has had technology like this before the iPhone was out -- Deepfish, , Microsoft has just been very very slow in upgrading Windows Mobile software, which had originally been designed to work on less capable technology.

Its a little presumptuous that you think everyone in the world copies Apple.

Personally, I don't even like browsing on a mobile device like this, I'd rather website developers make their websites compatible with different viewing sizes/

Umm....this makes no sense. The q9h from att comes pre-loaded with opera mobile. Why would they dump that for ie6 when they offer the upgrade to 6.1? That is a downgrade with an os upgrade....seems stupid to me.

Personally I hardly ever browse on my mobile device (Orbit) due to the speed and the resources needed to utilise a decent webpage on a portable device.

(Jugalator said @ #1.2)
Hmm, could it be because they're basing it on an old version of the Trident engine? *shrug*

I would probably say that it's because IE6 is less resource intensive than IE7. That's not to say however a newer version of Trident couldn't be used, but then what's the point, 'standards compliant' IE8 is on the way, and Trident in IE7 isn't a vast improvement over IE6, and most good webpages are still hacked to cater for IE6, so there's no great loss there either.