Windows 7 RTM as early as 2009?

With the holiday season approaching us, Microsoft has planned to release its Windows 7 to your desktop as early as next holiday season 2009, Doug Howe, a spokesperson for Microsoft said.

"Definitely the holiday focus is going to be on 7" Howe said, hinting that Windows 7 could be running on your desktop next holiday season. Still in early stages of their Windows 7 beta, Microsoft could once again be rushing their next operating system to RTM, like Vista was.

If Microsoft pushes for the 2009 holiday season, leaving just a little over one year until the estimated release date for Windows 7, this could deter users from jumping onto the next major release from Microsoft, like many did with Windows Vista.

Even with a very impressive demonstration of Microsoft's Windows 7 Operating System at PDC 2008, are hardware manufactures going to be ready with the promised touch screen interface that comes loaded in Windows 7?

Microsoft stated the next few months are critical, as it focuses on approving start up and shut down times, as well as wake up and sleep times. This period will also focus on shipping Windows 7 with compatible, stable drivers and software that has been prove to be Vista-compatible.

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i honestly cant wait, win 7 build 7000 runs great on both my with the TouchSmart cant wait for win7 and all the touchscreen goodies but win7 is stable and as good as vista sp2 (running both) but just afraid when the UI is changed on win7 it may get buggy or a mem hog..just have a gut feeling the UI is gonna change drastically and if they do it right ..then hell yea, if it comes out like vista did on first release then i may stick to vista for awhile atleast to sp1 on win7

Windows 6.1 will ok and a welcome improvement over Vista but I wonder if we will still have to wait for the SP1 before it can considered reliable.

Honestly, I'd be perfectly happy with a modification of 32bit XP to allow access to greater than 4GB of RAM. Hell, Linux can do it, why not XP? While I have very little experience with Vista, I switched my main desktop at home to Server 2008 64bit which shares a codebase with it. I did this as I had read several positive articles on 2008 as a workstation OS, and thought about using Hyper-V instead of VMware Workstation as my main desktop virtualization solution. Now, six months later I regret the switch from XP. My 2008 desktop is slooooow, and has serious stability problems vis-a-vis 32bit apps. WOW evidently still needs alot of work. I haven't had this bad of an experience with a MS OS since NT 4 SP2. Adding salt to the wound is the dearth of 64bit security apps. No ZoneAlarm, so I had to unfortunately go with Agnitum's Outpost, which is a buggy, resource hogging, POS.

I am seriously considering switching to OS X. At least then I could host VM's and take advantage of my full 8GB of RAM. While I'm not impressed by OS X as a server OS, it is a decent desktop OS. I'd be willing to give VMware Fusion a try to provide my favorite Window's apps for those that I couldn't fine decent Mac equivalents. I know, sounds drastic, but that helps demonstrate how bad my experience with 2008 has been. Win 7 better be good, or I might swear off Microsoft desktop OS'. I switched from the Mac to Windows as my productivity OS 10 years ago; I can always do the reverse if it's advantageous enough.

Laz on the memory issue.

Why the hell would you want to deal with P tables and Virtual memory techniques to extend beyond the hardware limit of 4 gigs?? It would not be a flat table method and the program would have to be aware (which those that do mostly in the server realm (btw 32 bit servers do use the techniques to extend up into the terabytes of memory)

There is a reason that Servers are moving to 64 bit just to simplify memory access.


I think more of an equivalent to XP SP2, not a major release. However, they may include more features and internals changes on the run.

Hopefully we can get it next year.

from what I've seen Windows 7 is already in Beta 2 quality, if not RC0, but it still doesn't have all the features they want to put in, so it might degrate a little by beta 1.. but who knows! only MS!

Since the beta has now been expanded by the (some think intentional) "leak" of build 6801 to the torrent users, it could easily be mid-2009 for early adopters. BTW, aside from a few minor issues - it feels quite finished and stable.

re:"Microsoft could once again be rushing their next operating system to RTM, like Vista was."

How is ? 5 years for Vista to go RTM rushing it out the door?

Windows 7 will get here when it get here!!

it start to bug the hell out of me the way ever on goes on about it been RTM early and it been rush as vista bad.

Vista get a 10 out of 10 for me.

When windows 7 get here I say it be a 12 out of 10 if the leaked build is any thing to go bye.

I will still be keeping Vista on one of my system even when windows 7 is out as vista is great OS


on the 5 year cycle for Vista. Vista did not have a 5 year cycle, there was this little thing called XP sp2 that took up significant Windows developers cycles.

It also reset the basis of what was to become Longhorn, and was relatively rushed from the time of sp2 completetion to vista release.

Granted after SP1 Vista has become stable (had issues where it was nearly a 4 hour boot time on my Laptop for instance) BTW SP2 makes SP1 vista look like a very unstable system.

But it is related to drivers as the main pain points.


If Windows 7 Beta is as stable as Vista Service Pack 2 (also in Beta), then I don't have any problem with oct 09 RTM.

Vista SP2 is rock solid. From all the reviews, Win7 seems to be very solid also.

It'd be very wise for Microsoft to release Windows 7 just before Christmas 2009 from a short term revenues point of view, but ONLY when they know they have made significant improvements over circus operating system - Vista.

cJr. said,
Vista was not a 'circus' it was a fantastic oprerating system. Much better than Windows XP.

When Windows Vista was first released to the public, pre SP1, there were alsorts of problems. Disk I/O performance and network performance being key. Microsoft had also done a good job of dumbing down the OS, an example of that is the built in disk defragmentor, absolutely no user feedback at all.

Don't get me wrong, I believe Vista is a step in the right direction and Since SP1 a lot of issues have gone. My main gripe is, give it 4GB RAM and somehow, regardless of what your running, it will eat it.

I look forward to Windows 7

Cpugeni Ω said,
My main gripe is, give it 4GB RAM and somehow, regardless of what your running, it will eat it.

You obviously have no idea how Vista works. Go read up on it's memory management.

Cpugeni Ω said,
My main gripe is, give it 4GB RAM and somehow, regardless of what your running, it will eat it.

Posts like this really annoy me as they just demonstrate the poster's complete lack of knowledge about how Vista works. If you've got 4gb of memory, It's SUPPOSED to use (eat) it! That's one of the best features of Vista. It's called Superfetch.

Basically it pre-loads the applications you use most frequently into unused RAM so the next time you need to launch them they load much quicker than normal. The best part of it is that when you actually need the RAM for another process (gaming, video editing, etc) it instantly releases the RAM that Superfetch is using.

To me that system is far superior to how it worked before, where you'd have 3+gb of memory sitting there unused (wasted). I'd much rather it be put to use for my benefit so long as it doesn't cause me any detriment.

They moan that Vista took five years and now they moan because Windows 7 could come earlier than expected :rolleyes:

Ever get the feeling that Microsoft just can't win?

They won't! Microsoft lost customers once Vista hit the market. Where I work as a graphic designer we have constant customers complain about our one Vista/Mac machine. It got so bad that we removed Vista entirely and reverted to XP. Mind you this is a mac with boot camp loaded. We only use macs here which we have yet to have any hiccups what-so-ever. I was once a Windows fanboy, honestly but now I changed camps and I've actually lost interest in the whole Windows 7 development. Windows was a damn good OS back in the days of XP!

I'm pretty sure Win 7 has always been expected to be released circa October fact, I was speaking to the head of UK sales for Microsoft only last month who stated we only had a year to wait.

No reason it shouldn't make 2009 since it's really just a refined vista with low-level improvements and high-level removals. lol

I'd have to agree. M3 is more stable than XP was at Beta. in my experience with it. Missing the final UI a few remaining features that will be in by beta. I can easily see a Oct RTM. If they go the same cadence as XP. BETA, RC and RTM.

Will probably go main OS around beta depending. For sure by RC.

Oh the days of Whistler Beta's and then LH beta's man win 7 hasn't even been fun hardly in comparison. remember those days cream??

Microsoft have been working hard on Win 7 and that is evident with the sheer stability and improvements in the M3 build alone. I think getting it shipped within a year is not unreasonable.

Id rather wait for a summer 2010 release and have it perfect then a winter 2009 with bugs.

To me, Windows 7 just seems like Vista 1.5. Yes, there are a few new things, but didn't XPSP2 bring in a lot of new features as well?

For me it's a Vista 1.3 (but hey, I don't no about the final prodoct), as long that there is improvements, I was/Am very happy with vista and I'm sure I'll be with w7. I'm just unhappy with the media center bugs so far (but hey! They are still no Beta yet).