Apple to go DRM free?

There are rumors and then there are "rumors". This one falls under the later category that Apple may be taking its iTunes DRM free. While not every rumor makes it to the front page this one can't seem to die off. Again and again we have heard trickles of whispers that it may happen.

The idea is that DRM free services such as Amazon may catch on much faster than Apple's DRM filled iTunes store. It only makes sense that at some point Apple would finally seal a deal with the major four record labels to sell DRM free songs as well.

It was also noted that a subscription based iTunes model may not be too far off either. Simply, Apple is again feeling pressure from Microsoft with its Zune software and services. Many iTunes users would openly welcome a subscription based model but time will tell with this rumor.

All of the above are rumors but they are growing in stature as they won't seem to ever go away. Each rumor should be taken with a grain of salt but when a rumor pops up like this on multiple occasions there is generally some truth behind it.

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