Windows 7: Problem Steps Recorder overview

So far, in our Windows 7 Overview series, we have published the following:

Over the next few weeks we will be adding many more focus items on Windows 7 including Touch, Windows 7 networking and media enhancements. Stay tuned for the ultimate Windows 7 focus from Here is an overview of Problem Steps Recorder.

Microsoft recently published a demonstration of Problem Steps Recorder (PSR) in action. PSR allows users to record their issues and provide help desk support agents or friends/family with the result. The result is a ZIP file with a MHTML report of the actions a user has taken. The report is basically an automated set of screenshots with documentation of the steps the user took. I made a quick demonstration of the feature earlier, you can find the ZIP here.

You can launch this new feature under the troubleshooting section in control panel or by searching for psr.exe in the start menu. Check out the video below for a full overview.

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Indeed, seems like an awesome feature. Even for a Mac user, I must admit that I am jealous, it's pretty well done. I thought it created a huge video file, but no it's simply taking a few screenshots and detailing them.

Now, just to see if I understood well : say I did something awesome in Photoshop and I want to make a tutorial to do the same thing. I could use this feature and just put the page on my website, right?
It won't happen because I don't have any website for now and I'm no longer good with PS, but just to know how far this option can go.

Primexx said,
how do we send this to MS?

I would guess you send the file in an email/IM/on a usb disk to your helpdesk/service personnel/support, not ms. this is not limited to MS software.

That is a ingenious feature

I just wonder how this will work on non-standard button controls, and buttons with images on them instead of a label?

an easier way to find it is to search for record in the start menu and select record steps to reproduce a problem

Holy... This could come in handy for future use. Although I can find it in the control panel, but "psr" is enough in the search tool to find it.

Looks super useful. How many times have i had to scream down the telephone at my useless brother when he can't even find what I'm explaining to him?!