Hacking programmable road signs

Many citizens might notice the construction digital road signs on the side of the road while driving, indicating important information such as road closures or traffic delays, but what if the sign included information such as "Zombies ahead" or "this sign has been hacked".

(image courtesy of i-hacked.com)

These digital road signs can be compromised as easily as breaking into them. A viral video shows the possibility of future sign hacking with a laptop and a Nokia N95. A user has posted pictures of how to break into the digital road signs on www.i-hacked.com, teaching users how to access and change the sign information. The news post on i-hacked.com mentions that the digital road signs can be easily tampered with by using the text entry device and scrolling down to enter the desired text.

Another YouTube viral video user has posted videos of himself hacking digital road signs and even a train station screen to display whatever he wants on it. The videos are fake but do show what the future might hold for this type of hacking. Users at MIT might be to blame for the digital road sign tampering in Boston, after posting pictures of the hacked road signs on the web site.

The videos are fake but enjoy :)

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