Live Search autosuggestions come to Firefox

The Live Search team today announced that they have officially integrated Live Search into Firefox by popular demand. Microsoft has released a Firefox addon to get to your results faster via Microsoft Live Search auto suggestions.

The addon is available for download here. The addon is based on the Open Search standard and uses the JSON interface supported by Firefox to retrieve autosuggestions.

Microsoft has been integrating Open Search into their products recently - the most recent one being the Federated Search in Windows 7. Open Search has also been implemented in Internet Explorer 7(& above) and SharePoint Search.

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This *ain't* news o_O ... Other than that Microsoft has integrated OpenSearch into their search plugin, finally? Back when Wikipedia first did it, nobody cared.

For Google search:

is sharing his fortune
is the devil
is a republican (:laugh:)
is worth how much
is my homeboy (O_o)
is an atheist
is autistic (:laugh:)
is giving away money