Microsoft official hints at April for Windows 7 RC release

According to a posting on Microsoft's Swedish partner blog we could be seeing the Windows 7 release candidate in early April.

The blog also hints at a RTM and business launch of Q3 2009. According to the blog Michael Bohlin, a Windows product manager, was questioned over Windows 7 availability. The blogger also states "the cut of all internal guesses here in the office right now is October 3 at 11.10" for the RTM date. Windows chief Steven Sinofsky posted a blog entry today to put to rest any rumours of a beta 2 for Windows 7 and confirm the next release will be the near final release candidate.

Microsoft is currently rumoured to be readying an interim build for Windows 7 testers for next month.

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Will all the drivers be done for a April release?

It's not only Microsoft that has to be ready for launch it's all the hardware companies as well.

I don't believe that the dates are correct at all....reason ASUS and its eeepc there is a new coming out in June /July and Asus has said it will have windows 7 on it.
And if everyone is saying that it (Win 7) is ready now, why the wait until just doesn't make any sense.
Lastly for someone in Microsoft to say a date is stupid since when has ms ever officially said a date...they don't .... and they wouldn't let this guy say one either....unless... it was wrong !
I believe the RC will be late March / early April and GA (general availability) by early June.
As per Paul Thurrott's forecast, he has already accurately predicted when the Beta was going to come out, and seeing that everyone recons that it (Win 7) is good to go now, the RC time frame seems right on the money, so why shouldn't the RTM and therfore GA be right.
In otherwords JUNE with the lastest of JULY.

fine... They will skip the beta2 to enter straight to a release candidate. And this means just one thing. The thing I was afraid of... They dont have any intention to make anything different from vista. Just use the stupid interface with some "new" look, fix some bugs, here and there and release a "new" OS. This is just a slap across the face. I wonder how the general public might react.
They never have the intention to do something really different. Why they should?. They already have payed for vista "new" ""kernel"", why they would even bother to release a new and fresh OS. If they already have one, why they would spend more money and time with something that is already 'working'. After all, you just make a new skin and the stupid crowd would by this **** without any question. Just a new skin and you make millions. Its not bad for them, thats for sure.

It's more than just a new skin. As they say the proof is in the pooding. There's a huge difference in performance between Vista and Win 7.

You want a revolution? Everything rewritten? Fine, Let's do that.

Oh, Just go ahead and tell everyone nothing is going to be supported backwards.


xSuRgEx said,
vista hasnt even been out that long, and now we have win7 on the way. i guess vista was another windows ME.

Vista's been out for almost 3 years now

Vista came out in Jan 2007 (excluding business versions late 06). So it's just over 2 years old now. I say bring on 7 to keep MS on their toes, though crucial bugs like the recent mp3 corruption bug really should be sorted out now

MS said it wanted to release a new OS every 2-3 years, so it doesn't mean a mid-2009 Windows 7 release would make Vista an "ME".

"Vista, I served with ME. I knew ME. ME wasn't a good friend of mine. Vista, you're no ME"

Years Between Consumer-Level Windows Releases

Windows 1.01 to 2.03 - 2 years
Windows 2.03 to 2.11 - 1.5 years
Windows 2.11 to 3.0 - 1 year
Windows 3.0 to 3.1 - 2 years
Windows 3.1 to 3.11 - 1.5 years
Windows 3.11 to 95 - 1.5 years
Windows 95 to 98 - 3 years
Windows 98 to 98 SE - 1 year
Windows 98 SE to ME - 1.5 years
Windows ME to XP - 1 year
Windows XP to Vista - 5 years
Windows Vista to 7 - 2.5 years?

So basically, in the grand scheme of things, Windows 7 is coming out a bit slow (most releases were 1-2 years after the previous one). ME was only around for 1 year, and wasn't important enough in MS' eyes to receive any major updates, and the kernel it was based upon was promptly scrapped in favor of the NT kernel. Vista is getting (at least) 2 service packs, and Windows 7 is building upon the investments made in Vista.

I think this would be good, planning on building a new quad core system and I'd prefer to 7 on it if its ready. Vista works fine for me but I'd take 7.

scaramonga said,
Yup....they just cant wait to get Win7 out and banish the horrors and memory of Vista.....forever. :)

We hope so... although Vista been a pretty good OS for a while now.

michael.dobrofsky said,
Exactly. They want Win 7 to be out and people to forget like Vista ever existed.

Makes sense, I guess they want companies still running XP to migrate to Win 7 instead of Vista that way they can lay off there Vista call center lol.

IbSta said,
Makes sense, I guess they want companies still running XP to migrate to Win 7 instead of Vista that way they can lay off there Vista call center lol.

Except they designed in an upgrade path for Vista users, but not XP. Not quite as attractive, cost-wise to someone who has to pay for it.

It would be HIGHLY stupid to keep testers on 7000 until April, If they don't release an interim (or two) they need their heads examined.

TCLN Ryster said,
It would be HIGHLY stupid to keep testers on 7000 until April, If they don't release an interim (or two) they need their heads examined.

While this is true, I'm also quite sure that any future builds, public or not, will continue to be leaked to the torrents, as every other build has.

Not only was he right about Win 7 going RC in April, but he also said that it would go RTM in June and therefore b released to the public in early July (ie the 1st of July).
I'm looking forward to it !!!