New owners of Ebaumsworld fire Ebaum

According to the blog of Ebaumsworld, the new owners have fired all of the original staff, including Ebaum himself!

Ebaumsworld is a very well known website that focuses on funny videos, pictures, flash games, etc. The website was launched in 2001 and since that point has held a dominant position in the humor section of the internet.

The website has been acquired by ZVUE, which upon acquisition has replaced all of the original staff. In the blog, Ebuam states he is not as angry about being fired as he is about the manner in which he was fired.

According to the blog upon walking into their office, the Ebaumsworld staff were greeted with a cameraman and the CEO of ZVUE. They were told that their office would be closed as a result of financial difficulties. Ebaum states that he and his staff were "held like prisoners" in the office while the CEO addressed each one of them.

Though a few members of the Ebaumsworld team were offered severance packages, they were declined.

ZVUE, according to Ebaum, has been falsely connecting his name with new material in an effort to promote the idea that Ebaum is still a part of the company.

Ebaum and his team have launched a new website,, where he promises to continue to deliver "the best content on the web".

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I know he was considered a thief, and anyone that knew about what his site was about say he got what he deserved, but didn't he get something like more than 50 Million dollars for the site before getting fired?

It's hardly karma if he's laughing all the way to the bank.

How did they buy the company?

Did they just walk up to the business and stick their logo on it and claim it was theirs?

what is really ironic and the fact that the new owners turn around and made a buck on Ebaum and his team getting the news of being fired. LAWL!!

that was what the site was about in the first place....random video's & humour from just about anything and when they had video camera's in the office waiting for Ebaum to walk in made me laugh. ROFL.

Karma as someone else said.

I'm callling BS...I think the cameraman/CEO were used to tape these guys and put it on the site. They were not really fired!

Sam Symons Live said,
But...Ebaumsworld! Wasn't it them who brought us Badger Badger?

...Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger...


rpgfan said,
...Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger...


Oh no a snake a snake,ohhhhhh its a snake!

dead.cell said,
Holy s---! Watch out people, Badger Badger is serious business!

Heh, well, stealing other people's work for financial gain is serious

Kirkburn said,
Heh, well, stealing other people's work for financial gain is serious :)

I honestly thought it was Ebaumsworld who made it. I watched it years ago and that was the only place I saw it :(

Edit: Nope, it was Weebls Stuff that I saw it on. I got a bit confused. Sorry 'bout that. None the less, the fact remains that Badger Badger = sweet.

BGM said,
woah... really!?

heard of it. never used it. sounds like the method they fired us over at the local paper. Brought the cops in by the exits. Also reminds me of Jimmy Dean's sausage. Use the name, even if it has nothing to do with the creator.