No Ultimate Extras for Windows 7

Windows Vista Ultimate had an interesting feature touted by Microsoft before it's release, named Extras. This was intended to be an added extra for the paying the hefty price of Ultimate, to give some bonuses to those who paid for it. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't plan it very well, and included very few with in the release of Vista Ultimate. This led Microsoft to publicy apologizing over the matter, and to this day not a great number have been released.

This led people to wonder about Windows 7 Ultimate. Would it feature Extras, or would Microsoft not worry about them this time around? As Ars Technica reports, Microsoft has indeed chosen not to include Extras in the upcoming release of Windows 7.

A quote from Microsoft states, "Our new approach to planning and building Windows doesn't have the capacity to continue to deliver features outside the regular release cycle. While our core development team is focused on building the next release, our sustained engineering team is focused on updates to existing features. As a result we don't plan to create Ultimate Extras."

This may be because the release of Windows 7 Ultimate is not advertised as much as Windows Vista Ultimate, with it only being offered on high-end OEM computers, and during promo periods. Also, it may be because people mainly decided to buy Vista Ultimate for it's other features; not the Extras.

What do you think? Is it a wise move for Microsoft to not include Extras, or would they still be nice to have at some point?

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