Psystar wins legal round against Apple

In an interesting twist, Computer World is reporting that a federal judge ruled last week that the Mac clone maker Psystar can continue its countersuit against computer maker and Mac OS developer Apple Corporation.

Psystar is (in)famous for legally battling Apple for the last seven months, calling them out for breaking antitrust laws, and the Judge hinted that if Psystar can prove its allegations, other manufacturers may be able to sell computers with Mac OS X pre-installed. This is bad news for Apple, as currently they are the only company legally allowed to sell computers with Mac OS X, but many people criticize them for charging an "Apple tax". On the contrary, if other companies can sell Mac OS X, it may lead to a decline in Mac sales, but it could lead to an increase in Apple's OS market share.

The Judge in question, one William Alsup, originally shot Psystar's claims down, but left the door open for a 'modified' complaint, which he approved on Friday. Alsup said, "Psystar may well have a legitimate interest in establishing misuse [of copyright] independent of Apple's claims against it -- for example, to clarify the risks it confronts by marketing the products at issue in this case or others it may wish to develop."

Those looking to get into the Mac OS game on the cheap, don't get excited. Computer World noted, "Alsup also acknowledged Apple's argument that it had the right to decide how its software was licensed and used, but said that that would have to be decided as the case plays out."

The case is scheduled to go to trial on November the 9th this year.

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