Microsoft Surface v2 due within a year

At the South By South West Interactive Festival (SXSWi 2009), Erik Klimczak, Creative Director at Clarity Consulting, which creates interactive applications for Microsoft Surface said that the updated version of Microsoft's surface touch-screen table, featuring high-definition cameras and a higher resolution display could be expected within a year. However this was not confirmed by the Microsoft's User Experience Evangelist for Surface who was present at the same event.

Microsoft is also working on the second generation of Surface dubbed SecondLight which adds a second dimension to Microsoft Surface and allows images to be projected above the table top. This would allow the Surface to overlay secondary images above those on the screen such as satellite imagery over a street map, or more detailed contextual data on top of images. It will also have infrared sensors that can interpret gestures and movements without having to touch the screen. SecondLight could be expected in 2 to 3 years according to Joe Olsen, CEO of design firm, Phenomblue. The project is still in R&D stage as of now.

Below is a video of Microsoft Secondlight which was demonstrated at the PDC 2008

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rakeshishere said,
Do i need to buy loads of glass cleansing solution after i get this. Surface computer is excellent but is not targeted at home users

I have a tablet PC, and believe it or not, it's not that bad.

Heh, they need to work on streamlining the physical product though, looking at the mess at 2:40 into the clip. But being research material, they're excused for that.

In time for sure. But since it works with cameras and projection technology you can't make it really small if you want a bigger screen.

Well, I suppose you can cut the screen up into section and have more projectors. Anyways. In time they'll be smaller for sure, it's the natural progression of technology.

And this Surface tech is only around 3 years old? I forget when they showed it off first.

Man I wish more companies took advantage of surface or surface like technology... it's such a cool way forward and it's sad no one's using it to it's ability that I've seen