Get ready for MIX09!

With MIX09 fast approaching, Microsoft is expected to announce few goodies in the conference, happening in Las Vegas this Wednesday. So here is my prediction on what Microsoft may announce this year:

  • Internet Explorer 8 RTM
  • Silverlight 3 Beta
  • Windows Azure platform announcements, updates
  • More details on Visual Studio 2010. Not sure whether there would be any public beta

Microsoft demoed IE 8 in the last year's MIX event and IE 8 RC1 was released in January 2009. A week ago, Microsoft released a video to show that IE 8 is on par in speed with its competitive browsers, namely Firefox and Google Chrome.

IE8 Performance

Make sure you don't miss the MIX09 keynote address by Dean Hachamovitch, General Manager of Internet Explorer, on Thursday which is about the future of Internet Explorer.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding MIX09 announcements. In the meantime, you can check out the MIX09 website and the sessions. You can also download the MIX09 conference guide to get more details on the agenda, sessions, labs and workshops.

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I'm hoping for alot more about Visual Studio 2010 - a public beta would be nice :-)

Although it's MIX and the focus will obviously be more towards Silverlight, I wouldn't mind more info on what's to come for WPF in .NET 4. Having been a major player in the design and development of the WPF app my company is pushing out soon I can say that although I'm generally happy with WPF, there's definately room for alot of improvement. I really haven't been so concerned with Silverlight lately since we aren't working on any big web projects right now...

GP007 said,
Maybe for version 3? We'll have to wait and see.

already been stanted that silverlight 3 will not have a 64 bit version.

Although other things to add to list. Blend 3.0 preview. more than likely bits. already been convirmed of bits for silverlight 3. just not entirely what has been updated.

Hopeing new bits for vs2010, but next bits for vs2010 are beta