Windows 7 Release Candidate confirmed for May 5 release

Remember that Microsoft page that said that a Windows 7 RC would be public available on May the 5th? Turns out it was dead on, as the Redmond-based company have written a blog post confirming it.

For those of you who are MSDN and TechNet subscribers, you can look forward to an April 30 release, but as mentioned, us mere mortals are stuck waiting a few extra days for it. The blog post also has some rather cool facts: at certain points during testing, bug reports and feedback were coming in every 15 seconds for a week flat. It goes to show that beta testers really do make a difference. They also state, "Many of your suggestions helped us refine the new and improved taskbar, the behavior of Aero Peek, Touch, Windows Media Player, and much more."

It's good that we finally have an official release date; now all that's left is to play the waiting game.

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I would expect it to be English only, maybe the 4 languages they usually do. But, it is pre-release, and you do speak some English obviously. So if you want to take part in using it, then you seem to be capable.

Beta testers will be getting it April 30th... *whistle* a little birdy told me also... so if your not technet or MSDN there you go

Still awaiting for rc to be dl'd from torrent, i can't wait to install it i heard its very good. I hope IE8 has been fixed up in it too, i find it crashes alot in the current 7077 im running.

People who think that the RC they are going to release is going to be different than the one already out are going to fall on their faces. The same happened with build 7000 and were waiting for the very last moment before realising that the build was going to be exactly the same.

Yea, I love the "You can't trust torrents" comments... since somehow people think that torrents and pirates have some magical way of modifying the MD5 strings on the ISOs to match exactly...

Oh well, there loss right?

Faisal Islam said,
Great..but why 5may? why not now???? are there any policy or reason inside?? :(

Probably sorting out serial numbers and putting up extra servers en masse

To people who doesn't (or can't) have the leaked version already, for starters.

Oh, and are interested in trying it.

erm, maybe im being stupid cause im 12 hours into a night shift here, but since when was May 5th just over an extra month after April 30th?
Good news though!

Much anticipated, can't wait. Although when downloaded and installed it will be a few hours of wow and awe so cool, then I get used to it and back to normal Well at least for me. Using build 7000 on desktop and VISTA home premium on laptop. Both run very smooth with not problems but can't wait to upgrade and try some new features and look what has changed since 7000 (reading about changes is not quite the same as seeing and using first hand). Well done Microsoft.

woohoo, i cant trust those torrent sites. I hope MS's servers dont get hampered on day one (offcourse they will, coz they wont anticipate the flux of interest on their operating system!)

Microsoft had this problem with the servers being hammered with the beta so they maybe learnt from their mistakes hopefully they also have torrent links as well

It would seem to me a good idea would be for MS to put up their own torrent of the OS. That way we would all share in the load and their servers wouldn't be hit so hard.