Google to sell E-books by end of 2009

Over the past weekend Google made it known that it was getting ready to enter the E-book marketplace and will take on top distributor Amazon head to head. Google plans to be in the market by the end of 2009.

Google will be taking a different approach than Amazon and Sony have with producing a dedicated E-book reader. The marketplace will be browser based so that any device able to connect to the internet will be able to view and purchase E-books. What is not clear is if you buy a book on your PC will you be able to read it on your cell phone, pda, or other mobile device.

Google will also allow publishers/authors to set the price point for the E-books unlike Amazon who usually only charges $9.99 for new best sellers as opposed to $26 a best seller will get for the hard copy version. "In selling e-books at $9.99, Amazon takes a loss on each sale because publishers generally charge booksellers about half the list price of a hardcover — typically around $13 or $14."

As Google prepares to enter the E-book market the biggest question remains if it will be successful. Without a locked price structure like that of iTunes it may be a hard sale to the consumer. But, with a large amount of potential useable devices it could also work well for those who do not want to purchase a dedicated E-book reader.

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Google's not structured in a typical way and this allows them to 'focus' on many things at once with localised responsibility and vision. I was always quite bored by this but it's now coming to fruit!

Wow, Google just can't stay focused on anything, can they? Next they will be selling brugers to compete with McDonald's.

C_Guy said,
Wow, Google just can't stay focused on anything, can they? Next they will be selling brugers to compete with McDonald's.

Well when you have as much money as they do, why not?

Google is just a facade or front face from Sequoia Capital. So, usually they are not reinventing the wheel but relabeling as "as product of Google" and will not be strange to see that Amazon is owned (in some degreed) by Sequoia Capital.

I'll stick with books on paper, and paperback books bought through the Supermarkets here in the UK are still cheaper than the e-book's.

besides for reference (i.e. textbooks, etc) I cant imagine why people would want to read ebooks instead of paper.. i spend enough of my day staring at a screen as it is.