Xbox 360 with Facebook and Twitter integration

Microsoft officially announced today at E3 that the Xbox 360 will soon integrate with the very popular social networks Facebook, Twitter and

Users will be able to view videos, photos, read and post status updates all from their Xbox 360 dashboard. The update will include the ability to send friends over Facebook invites to play games directly from their console, as well as news feeds from friends with users avatars.

Twitter users will also enjoy the benefit of posting Twitter updates directly from their Xbox 360 console and also read their friends postings. Xbox Live Gold Subscribers will also be able to listen to streaming music from their console through Users can use the web sites personalized radio station setup to select songs of their choice.

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I'm waiting for people to post "who cares" or "what's the point?" :)

I'm very happy to see these integrations! And I don't own an Xbox 360 (yet).

And why only Facebook and Twitter and not their own Live stuff? Or are they just trying to kill Facebook and Twitter by making their websites unnecessary and bringing all their users together on the live platform?

So... this is a cookie for us Xbox owners to not have a WebBrowser like the PS3, Wii have? Heck, even the PSP and NDS have a browser...
Whatever, not that it's not cool, I like the FB thing actually, I was just hoping to get a web browser someday...

Well I don't know what the browser is like on the PS3, but the browser on the Wii sucks (apparently due to Nintendo not letting Opera provide some much-needed updates). The inability to view recent Flash content totally kills it for me. It seems that they threw a browser onto the Wii just to say that they have one and then promptly forgot about it. I've been very disappointed indeed. I'm extremely happy that is coming to the 360 though, since that is one of the sites I kept trying to use with the Wii.

If only they could get the Facebook to Windows Live integration working already.

They announced that like, what, 2 months ago? And it's still not working? Well don't hold your hopes high, Xbox users.