Microsoft retail store revealed [Pictures]

TechRadar send word that on their way to a meeting at Microsoft's head quarters in Redmond, Washington they spotted a model of the planned Microsoft retail store.

Image credit: TechRadar

The model is a 1/18th scale of what Microsoft is planning for the future. In a light and airy atmosphere and crammed with laptops, PCs and the essential copies of Windows and Office it looks all a little too corporate for a retail store.

Interestingly from TechRadar's pictures you can spot pear shapes set as the desktop wallpapers on the laptops dotted around the store. Microsoft regularly takes digs at Apple in internal fun posters and internal videos so it's not surprising to see.

Image credit: TechRadar

We first unveiled the Microsoft retail store concept back in January and have since reported that Microsoft is planning to open retail stores, specifically in Europe.

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What is this? A retail store for ants!! How can people be expected to buy Microsoft products when they can't even fit inside the store? It should be... 3 times larger!

I actually think it looks nice. It's very sleek... I hope these stores will make it to the states. I saw the mention that it was geared more towards Europe for some reason. I like it so far.

Hope they sellsome desktops, I only see laptops there... mabe some netbooks. But hey! Desktops Desktops! Mouses, Keyboards, Media Center remotes, webcams..

Hope they will sell more Media Center stuff.

If you look at the reflextion in the window on the top right it looks like the picture was taken in the starship enterprise.

warwagon said,
If you look at the reflextion in the window on the top right it looks like the picture was taken in the starship enterprise.

Hey, you are not supose to see that... That's where MS does all their top research... in space :P

This looks really good. As I have stated in a reply above, I really hope Microsoft start to produce their own PCs which they can optimise for Windows, just like Apple do with their Macs. Microsoft are already optimising their keyboard and mice for Windows 7, so I think it really would be good if they just created the whole package, optimise it for Windows and sell it in these stores when they are opened. If Apple can do it and get 5 hours battery life, even when you use Windows on a Mac, then Microsoft may be able to do it.

This would also mean less/no bloat and rubbish which companies like Toshiba, Dell and Sony usually install onto the operating system to start with.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thinks it's a good idea for Microsoft to make their own computers. I've seen them make great hardware products before (I own a 10 year old wireless intellimouse blue that still works great to this day and has months of battery life). If they can make a high quality computer with just a clean installation of Windows with no bloatware whatsoever, it would give OEM's some competition.

I disagree. The only reason why Microosft is so successful is that they license Windows to many vendors. If MS starts making their own PCs, then all those vendors will most likely switch to Linux instead because it makes little sense to use the OS from the same company that's competing with you. Microsoft would have to work really hard to catch up, and if that fails, then they're going to have to work even harder to gain the trust of the PC vendors.

The best Microsoft can and should do, is just work closely with the vendors, and try to create a great Windows experience and ensure the hardware is more top-notch.

Looks nice! I hope they open some here in Atlanta. It would make some good competition against the Apple Store.

To many windows flags all over the place.

Apple scored big with less is more design; MS should pick up on that theme.

That store is going to be a nightmare to work in. Employees will be treated like the neighborhood geek, except they'll be held accountable for their answers/reasoning. If anything, it'll make MS look WORSE to their customers.

MS never had a face to them before, you just went to a store and got a PC with some software on it. You want real answers and they tell you to contact the OEM for support.

At the MS store, employees will look clueless if they can't answer your questions, and if they send you on a support chase, they'll just make people upset. On the other hand, they can't answer every crazy question about what can go wrong with Windows. What are they going to do?

Are they going to really give customers that old stinker where they can't really tell you anything if you have 3rd party software on your system?

...and where's the Zune section? The 360 section? The Surface station? The cell phone center? Is this just a Windows/Office store?

Sorry bud, comment #20 beat you to it.. I also wanted to make the punchline as you did, but I read the article and comments prior to getting previously already had lulz in #20.

Instead of opening a Microsoft Store they shud sell this 1/18th scale version of Microsoft Store lol :)
It looks Cool!

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