Facebook catches up to MySpace in U.S. unique visitors

It looks like Facebook could soon dethrone MySpace in the number of unique visitors, because according to TechCrunch, Facebook has caught up to MySpace in terms of the number of unique visitors each site receives.

Data released by comScore shows that Facebook passed MySpace by 0.023 million visitors. Facebook received 70.278 million unique visitors, and MySpace 70.255 million, even though Facebook passed MySpace on a worldwide basis last year. The chart shown below, shows the number of unique vistors for Facebook increasing, while the number of unique visitors for MySpace remaining flat or falling.

MySpace has been in trouble lately. Another TechCrunch article shows that the number of pageviews it has received has been declining. Even with a new CEO, MySpace lost about 700,000 unique visitors.

Last Saturday Facebook launched a "vanity URLs" feature, allowing the user to change their profile URL into a more user friendly one. Just 15 minutes after the launch, a half million people had signed up for this feature, and now about 6 million users have signed up for the feature.

Recently, MySpace launched a site wide IM toolbar, however, that doesn't appear to be helping them in terms of the unique visitors the site receives.

The make matters worse, MySpace will receive its last payment from Google next year. After that, they're on their own. With page views decreasing, it's possible that the site will be unprofitable a year from now considering it costs half a billion dollars a year to run.

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I was on MySpace last night going through bands profiles I haven't listened to for ages... It's no wonder they're so behind now, I found it funny too how most user profiles said how they no longer use it, find them on facebook!

The great thing about MySpace is how you can customise it to your own desire but at the same time, it's its own major downfall because of the insane popularity it gained so we had all this crappy editors, idiots editing their pages and effectively destroying their MySpace page - this got way out of hand; MySpace's set profile layout they introduced a while back was clearly an attempt to fix this but the fact people could opt out and use their old profile made it pointless.

One thing that really annoyed me about it is how Rupert Murdoch paid them so much, yet for a long time after that whilst it was still popular (before facebook came along and exploded) the amount of coding issues it had, how it was regularly down for maintenance - I don't recall Facebook ever once being offline for maintenance...
Again, the phishing problem and spam got to an insane level that I was receiving at least 2 spam messages a day. The way it was written also opened it up to major abuse, like these bands using the mass friend requests or mass messaging (to anyone who did this if you had a message back telling you to do some real promotion, that was me!) and again MySpace didn't do anything until after Facebook's rise.

I can say the same about so much, Murdoch pays an insane fee for them but there are absolutely no major changes till after competition comes along. It's like the piracy folk who still trying suing downloaders, how about thinking up new marketing opposed to petty, (fairly) meaningless short-term answers. In the past year or few months (I've forgotten how long it's been) MySpace has finally introduced some much needed changes - all rip offs - the profile (Facebook profile), the IM (Facebook; I remember MySpace introduced their own standalone messaging application, which was a crap idea at the time then in my opinion), the user status updates (Facebook), I even spotted they've really ripped off the Twitter feed with status updates now - I couldn't believe it when I spotted that! The layout now anyway looks incredibly bloated and ugly too, cram as many pointless ads in, with ugly tables... ugh

I said during the MySpace years so many times that I wish they'd use some of that huge cash pile to hire some proper coders to make the site work properly. I'd never ever used such a popular site that had so many issues. Now it's too late and they only have themselves to blame, which is slightly a shame as they built up a great music directory, which I haven't seen implemented anywhere better... yet.

I still prefer Myspace over Facebook... I like the ability to edit my profile to my own liking... to me, Facebook is a site for sheep. But that's my opinion on it. I have an account on both sites though... the only reason I have a Facebook though is because some of my past friends only have that, and I still want to keep in touch with them.

Still... just plain silly. I have a feeling Myspace will do something to get out of this downhill struggle they are now in, and then they'll go up, while Facebook suddenly goes down... It'll go back and forth forever. Heh.

The biggest problem with myspace were those technically errors that they "forwarded to myspace's technical team". Almost every other click was an error!!

Facebook is starting to become slower and have errors once in awhile.. I just hope it doesn't turn into what myspace was.

I used to prefer MySpace but as everyone else said it's bloated and people think it's cool to put flashing images and junk all over their page. Can't stand it anymore. Facebook for me.

I'm not suprised to be honest. Recently I've noticed all of my friends have left the site they normally use and joined facebook, there seems to be some sort of boom for it I think :P.

I think Facebook is much better than Myspace anyway. People's pages on Myspace can be an eye sore, where as on Facebook, it's clean and readable. Not to mention, it's more secure than Myspace from my experience.

Yeah that's one of the reason's I never really could use Myspace, it always seemed too cluttered and some people thought it would be cool to have big flashy backgrounds, it hurt. Facebook is nice and simple a much nicer experience at least for me anyway!