Samsung unveils the first 32GB DDR3 RAM module

Technology just keeps on increasing at a fairly speedy rate, and the glorious folks at Samsung are here to help us along with the next improvement; according to I4U, they have just revealed their latest RAM module, this one packing a modest 32GB.

The memory is DDR3, as mentioned, and is actually designed for servers; it's constructed using Samsung 50nm 4Gb DDR3 chips, and operates at 1.35 volts, whilst supporting the trend of keeping data center power usage to a minimum. I4U states that these modules manage to reduce power consumption by 20%, when up against 1.5V DDR3 modules, which can save a vast amount of money when you consider the size of data centers. It is mentioned that these modules are made up of a hefty 72 4Gb DDR3 chips that we mentioned before, which get lined up in sets of nine quad-die packaged 16Gb DDR3 chips, placed on each side of the module.

Unfortunately, pricing has not been released for these modules, nor has any information about a desktop or laptop variety, but according to Engadget, they're in the works as we speak (in an 8GB DIMM form, they say).

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Just dump the entire thing in memory off an SSD Sequential reading directly into memory, mmm. They'd need to do a recode Windows 8 to support this properly, though.

I'm not sure if you're aware of this but even fast SSD drives (NAND Flash) are quite a bit slower than DRAM. I don't know exactly, but it's like an order of magnitude slower.

Considering how expensive 4GB sticks are I'd hate to think how much this goes for. I realise it's not aimed at the average user.

Yeah, you might want to check your math on this one...

72 * 4Gb = 288Gb
288Gb / 8 = 36GB not 32GB (Including ECC)

the article says "lined up in sets of nine " therefore 288/9 = 32GB and also says 16gb placed on either side which also equals 32gb lol

So...a bit confused, Samsung has made a 32gb stick for servers but we don't even have 4gb sticks yet for our home comps? Sorry if I misread something.

There's a bunch of things servers get first since 99.9% of home users would never want to invest the kind of money required to get these parts.

But wouldn't it take ages to load when you first boot it up though? I'm sure it would be blazing fast once loaded but all your apps etc need to be loaded in there first :P

HalfBrian said,
I would finally be able to run Firefox with some addons.
For a while. Eventually Firefox will use the whole 32GB. :P