Microsoft set to respond to Google OS next Monday?

Blogger Robert Scoble has posted a message on his FriendFeed account, hinting at a Microsoft announcement next Monday, related to Google's OS.

In the posting, Scoble notes "why did Google announce Chrome OS this week? Well, of course, Microsoft has a big announcement coming on Monday (I'm embargoed)". Neowin confirmed last week that Microsoft will announce that Windows 7 has hit RTM on Monday at the Worldwide Partner Conference that is taking place in New Orleans. Could Scoble be confirming this too or hinting at Microsoft's forthcoming Gazelle browser? Blogger Imran Hussain thinks it could be Gazelle too. Long Zheng thinks it could be Office Web.

Gazelle Browser

Microsoft has been developing "Gazelle" as an alternative to Internet Explorer. The browser acts like a self-contained operating system and is designed to address the fact that browsers like IE and Chrome have not been built by design to handle multiple processes and web applications in a secure manner. The implications from this is that older browsers have suffered performance and security issues.

The browser relies on a "browser kernel" (5,000 lines of C# code) that helps enforce security rules to prevent malicious access to the PC's underlying operating system. Built by the Microsoft Research team, company officials have been dropping hints that they are ready to talk more about Gazelle recently, we first heard about Gazelle back in February in a MS research blog posting. This week, Microsoft researcher Helen Wang spoke with CNET News and said "I think Gazelle marks a significant departure from all previous browsers, including Chrome and IE 8". Wang also noted "we're really trying to leverage the decades of operating system experience and apply that in the Web and browser setting".

In August, Microsoft Research's Security and Privacy Research Group lead by Wang will be presenting a research paper (PDF) at USENIX on their experimental web-browser. It's possible that Microsoft has brought forward the presentation to next Monday due to Google's recent OS announcement, but not likely.

Office Web Applications

In Scoble's FriendFeed he replies to others by hinting "part of the Microsoft announcement on Monday runs on Google Chrome (and Firefox for that matter)" meaning this could be a web service. Microsoft evangelist Keith Coombs posted on twitter that he was playing with some "secret Microsoft software" which he couldn't talk about until the end of the week. If it's the grand Office Web Apps unveiling this makes sense at a Partner Conference. Microsoft hinted at its Office Web Applications back at it's professional developers conference last year. The company plans to offer Office in a way that is similar to Google Apps/Docs. This is the more likely option out of the two.

Whatever is announced at next weeks Worldwide Partner Conference we can be sure Windows 7 RTM will be on the agenda.

Thanks to member Dead_Monkey for the news tip

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boho said,
Google have the resources to build an O/S, especially if based on Linux. Look what Mark Shuttleworth's Canonical Ltd. managed with just $10 million! Ubunto is the most common Lunux, in less than 5 years. If Google can produce a easy desktop front end (rather than the mess that is now the fashion with Windows and Linux distro's), then they will quickly get market share.

Microsoft should be quivering in their boots at this news :-)

In order to beat #1, you have to beat #2. They gotta replace Mac OS as the #2 OS before they take on MS, just as Bing must unseat Yahoo! as the #2 search provider before it can take on Google.

GreyWolfSC said,
Not only would that make a hilarious commercial, it would be the first Apple product I'd buy post-ROJ. :)

(Edited by Beaurau of Redundancy Department)

It would never happen because that would nuke Apple's Mac division profits (they make almost nothing on the OS).

lordcanti86 said,
It would never happen because that would nuke Apple's Mac division profits (they make almost nothing on the OS).

They could survive on the iPod if they really wanted to. And Microsoft runs solely on its OS usually.

I'm a developer, and I think if MS has done something good it's .net, this framework is just TOO powerful ! But as a strange matter of facts most of MS software are still in C++ (Live products/Office/...) while Visual Studio/SQL Server are built (at least partly) on .net.

But with .net MS can do great things : See worldwide telescope ! So I'm pleased to see that with it's upcoming browser, MS is finally pushing this technology forward.

Not sure how much this will succeed...OS doesnt stop with accessing internet alone (maybe its for netbook users)...
Current OS (say its Windows or mac or linux ) they have there foot prints in enterprise, home, business etc...
OS needs Lot of hardware support from USB to high end factories...

Not sure whether this will gain market share..but rather its a very long way to go since Windows / Unix /linux system are stabilized & 100% dependent now for anything related to computer.

I have a "strong" feeling we will see an announcement around Office on the Web. Yes, they will announce Windows 7 and I believe we will finally see the web based version of Office. Google Apps is growing and Microsoft is aware of this. I believe we might also see some integration between Windows 7 and the web based version of Office...but this is a "guess"

It's also worth mentioning that lately there was recently an update for Office Live Addon to the Office 2007 suite and right now the capabilities on the website are.
Save to Office Live Workspace (Within Office 2007)
Open from Office Live Workspace (Within Office 2007)
Read Documents from Office Live Workspace (Within Browser)

Now All they need to add is the ability to write documents from within the website. The website is also currently in beta and maybe they are going to announce that they are removing the beta tags.

Personally I would like it if Bing had a mail button in one of the tabs rather than a "Windows Live" Tab. And then from there I could go to the Office live workspace from Mail like I can easily with Gmail.

The 'Windows Live' link takes you to Windows Live Home. If you have Office Live Workspaces, then they should appear on your Windows Live Home (lower right side of the page).

I'm guessing Microsoft's response will be maniacal laughter. That would be mine if someone said yet another rebranded Linux distro was suddenly going to be a threat to Windows.

TRC said,
I'm guessing Microsoft's response will be maniacal laughter. That would be mine if someone said yet another rebranded Linux distro was suddenly going to be a threat to Windows.

I would join in with you if it weren't for Google's strong brand.

artzm said,
The only problem is Microsoft will be forced to remove the browser part in order to ship to the EU.

It's not Windows so it shouldn't really be a problem, even in the EU

I'm sorry but doesn't Microsoft already have a web based Office suite available like NOW! I am more interested in the new browser called "Gazelle." Ever since I got hit with a trojan/virus I switched to the portable version (I don't want a permanent version) of Firefox and I hate it; it is a resource hog, slow to start and the ui is ugly but I use it because it is safe however it needs noscript and greasemonkey to be safe.

Ya know, since Apple is big on cat names, they should rename Safari to Cheetah, and claim how fast it is and tears the sh-- out of the "gazelle". :P

C'mon guys. Seriously now lets think of this logically. Do you honestly expect any other OS outside of Mac or Windows to become common in everyday use outside "our" world of geek and tech knowledge? Perfect example is gmail - a quick poll of my friends; a nice and eclectic mix of geeks and normals and guess where the biggest ratio of gmail users is? Hell, most people I know still use either hotmail or yahoo for their email.

So my point is; even if Google come out with this amazing, "free" Operating System that is awesome on all kinds of levels and sets a definate challenge to MS and Apple - it will never ever break the sheer commercial clout that Microsoft and Apple have. And therefore, Windows will always do well and Apple will always do well (with schoolkids).

Saying that though, I'm all for greater competition - i'm a Windows user through and through - and yes I've played with Ubuntu and a couple of the other Linux distros and yet I always come back to Windows. I'm curious to see what MS have up their sleeves on Monday. Aside from what we're all guessing here I have a feeling they might have an announcement we arent expecting.

Same reason Apple announced the news of the release of its new iPhone right before Palm released its long awaited Pre. Its business and competition. Google I'm sure has been working on their OS for a long time and have waited for the most opportunistic time to announce it. How perfect right before the release of Windows 7 RTM. Ouch! Thats a stinger but its incredible competition and business game play.

i've got lots of secrets!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not going to share them with you!!!!!!!!!


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