YouTube to drop support for IE6

YouTube will soon be dropping support for Internet Explorer 6 as it attempts to move users to a "more modern browser". Google, who owns YouTube, is pushing for users to upgrade to Chrome, Firefox or IE 8. It's no surprise that they are pushing for users to switch to Chrome with two advertisements to download the browser which Google is using to challenge Microsoft's IE 8.

TechCrunch cites that YouTube is trying to follow in Digg's footsteps where it recently expressed interest in dropping support for the legacy browser. "Digg's User Experience Architect Mark Trammell at the time wrote that the site is strongly considering removing essential features like digging and commenting for IE6 users. He explained that while IE6 users make up around 5% of site traffic, it only accounts for 1% of diggs, buries, and comments."

Is the time finally here that developers can ditch the browser and start to move closer to a unified Web 2.0 experience or should they continue to support those who have not or cannot upgrade their browsers?

With two mega-sites like Digg and YouTube pushing to drop support for IE 6 it's only a matter of time before other sites and webmasters jump on board. The ancient browser is part of a time period that represented Microsoft's dominance in the web browser market. As this era ends, so should its support.

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Meh, hasn't stopped me for a while now... I just blame the designer when the client complains it doesn't work properly in IE6.

bad news for those who are still using windows 98 and windows 2000 which do not support new version of ie.

I think that firefox opera and chrome do not support anything below xp neither...

update: firefox seems to support windows 2000 and opera support windows 95 and above.

that's right, eilegz. even firefox 3.5 runs under win2k as I've tested on my relative's win2000 sp4 computer. and opera 9.64 and 10.0 beta also runs under win95/98 but with the msimg32.dll file from WinME installed.

only google chrome and apple safari browsers require at least winxp to use

When you're whining because your 9 year old operating system doesn't work properly with the internet, then you need to update your nine year old operating system... assuming your're a home user.

Come to think of it, Win2K pre-dates most of "web 2.0" by quite a long time, it's a surprise they hadn't been suffering sooner.

tuxplorer said,
Or seize every opportunity under some pretext to divert users towards Chrome. YouTube has lots of browser-ignorant audience.

It's the third one on the list...

tuxplorer said,
It's a horizontal "list".

Yes, and studies have shown that a person always looks from the left top to the right bottom. So the browser on the absolute left is the one that gets the most attention.

as a web developer, i use firefox because of the horde of extensions for technical work.

Without comparing MS browsers to any MODERN browsers, if it is IE8 that kills off IE6 rather than FF, Opera or Safari (regardless of monopolistic tactics), it would be a dream come true.

The playing field might be skewed towards MS, but it's the competition itself that got MS off their ass to finally make a decent browser, if the result unfairly lands you in IE8 rather than FF3.5, it would be a huge upgrade to the web regardless.

I concur... Seriously, IE6 should go... But that's gonna happen already by Windows 7, even slower... There will be always IE6 visitors but as long as rate drops and moves to IE8, it will be fine...

Personally I'm doing same thing for Chrome on my site: "You are using an unfinished, buggy, unsecure-to-increase-speed javascript engine and a browser making you think you are going faster without checking new version of pages and showing you all from cache browser... Please upgrade to modern browsers: IE8, Firefox

And about Opera? They really should get a different life...

Great move from Google. IE6 needs to die already. The old "corporations with web apps that only work in IE6" argument will have to be be put to rest at some point. Fixing those sites to work on modern browsers shouldn't be a huge effort. Yes, it will cost money and if the company refuses to put in the work or pay for it, it will kick them in the ass when eventually they're left with all other websites being broken.

Those screaming Opera isn't on the list, well neither is Safari. I'm sure Google primarily went with the two major players and their own browser. If they listed every browser the people still using IE6 would most likely just get confused. Remember, these people can be the kind who just doesn't understand to update because IE6 to them works "good enough". I've met people like that and it was quite a job to get them to update even to IE7.

This doesn't help users at work or school that have computers still running IE6, and aren't allowed to install anything else on board.

YouTube sucks.

Browser compatibility? what a shame... Web has some standards, but some silly browsers never use them...
We would browse any website any version of any browser...

The strange thing is, I was using IE8, and this message was still popping up. Weather IE8 uses somthing to do with IE6, I still couldn't find a reason for it.
So I've switched to Firefox 3.5, and I doubt I'll use IE8 as my default browser now. I'll see what IE9 is like, if they bring one out that is

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