Bing takes market share away from Yahoo

Data from ComScore is showing that Microsoft's Bing search engine is taking market share away from Yahoo in the US market, reports IT Pro.

The latest data shows that Microsoft captured 8.4% of US internet searches in June. That's up from 8% last month. Yahoo's market share fell to 19.6% in June, down from 20.1% in May. Google's market share remains at 65%.

"Given all the publicity and advertising around Bing, we were expecting a month-on-month increase.", said Citi analyst Mark Mahaney. But he also cautions that it's too early to see whether there's a trend or not. "But we think it's too early - need three to four months to call a trend - and the June move wasn't material enough to make any definitive statements as to whether Bing is a search market share game changer. We continue to view Bing as a very solid product, but one facing a very large uphill battle.", he says.

This isn't the first time Bing has taken market away away from another search provider. We previously reported that Bing took some market share from Google. Last month, Bing reached number 2 in the US market, and as we also previously reported, its traffic grew larger than CNN, Digg, and Twitter in terms of unique visitors.

Microsoft has been putting a lot of investment into Bing recently. It's been promoting it through online and television advertisements, and plans to include stronger Bing ties with its MSN homepage when they revamp it later this year. Microsoft has also made deals with HP and Dell to try and convince more people to use Bing.

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Agreed that more market share means more income, but i think 0.4% is hardly news for everyone.

However, Bing started up right and the engine is pretty good, at least the time I have spent searching on it. I'm splitting my searches between Bing and Google...

Bing can do better. Microsoft should let users have the same user experience in ALL countries; all search options should be available in all markets (eg. video search, map search).

And they should be fast about it too - no one is going to stick around forever waiting for them and people will eventually move on as there is no "desicion engine" for them around the globe.

I have none for Yahoo, they did it to themselves honestly :P For some odd reason this reminds me of story of when Ford tried to buy Ferrari (I wasn't born then but heard it a few times). Ferrari wouldn't budge so Ford built the GT40 and creamed Ferrari...same sorta thing here, Yahoo wouldn't budge so MS built it's "GT40" (Bing) and while it's not exactly creaming them, I bet it does have them worried.

I wonder who still uses AOL or Ask anymore. has gotten worse, and they don't do that universal search anymore. Also, there's a lot of text ads in the results.