Microsoft & Nokia - The future of mobile productivity?

Earlier today at 11:00 - 11:30 EST, Microsoft Business Division President Stephen Elop and Nokia's Executive Vice President for Devices Kai Öistämö, announced in a teleconference their new collaboration. They go further to outline their common goals with regards to designing, developing and marketing mobile productivity solutions to the end user.

This is the first time that both companies have come together to work on an 'alliance' of this scope and nature. In the terms of the agreement, Microsoft and Nokia will come together to design, develop and market productivity solutions for the mobile professional. This will bring Microsoft's Office Mobile and Microsoft business communications, collaboration and device management software to Nokia's Symbian devices.

With focus on Nokia's E-Series of smart phones, Nokia's business-optimized series of phones, the solutions will be available on a range of Nokia devices, and will also be made available to businesses, carriers and individuals who may be interested. Microsoft and Nokia are taking their already robust knowledge in enterprise and customer experience to provide for the growing needs of the mobile professional.

Nokia's Executive Vice President for Devices Kai Öistämö, has commented on the partnership: "If you are going to provide a seamless and integrated productivity experience on a mobile device, Microsoft is an ideal partner, said Öistämö. "Together with Microsoft, we will develop new and innovative user experiences for employees of small and large businesses alike, ensuring Nokia's smartphones are an integral part of the office and home-office environment, and addressing the significant opportunity in mobile enterprise productivity."

So what does all of this exactly mean? In simple terms this announcement is a structure upon existing foundations Nokia has already laid, by optimizing access to e-mail and other personal information with Exchange ActiveSync. Next year, Nokia intends to start shipping Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile on its smart phones, followed by other Office applications and related software and services in the future. These will include:

    The ability to view, edit, create and share Office documents on more devices in more places with mobile-optimized versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft OneNote

    Enterprise instant messaging and presence, and optimized conferencing and collaboration experience with Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile

    Mobile access to intranet and extranet portals built on Microsoft SharePoint Server

    Enterprise device management with Microsoft System Center

In a closing statement by Öistämö: "No two companies are better equipped to provide what you need in your professional life and what you want in your personal life."

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nothing good will come out of this for end-users, when two bloatware giant cum usability retards fornicate with each other.

Sweet love nokia! This may be a stepping stone to the future of nokia devices using a Microsoft OS that coexists peacefully with Symbian.

you guys are making a bigger deal out of this, than it actually is!. For GODS SAKE MAAN!. This is just Office on the Symbian OS.. BIG EFFING DEAL!.. lol

I hope this doesn't meant that Microsoft Office productivity apps and Communication stuff is dropping off Windows Mobile. That'd really suck.

Well, this is good I guess. I always like when Microsoft starts making their products available on other platforms. Their mobile software offerings (Including those on Windows Mobile) need some much needed attention though.

seeing as how nokia clearly cant keep up its time for a radical change (just look at the n97, could have been but wasnt!)........
MS seems to be better designers if you ask me, look at the zune!

nice to see two major companies working together. now the two major sides of productive mobile computing are drawn 1 step closer ( WM and Symbian).

I dont see a *big* future for office products on smartphones. Sure, it's always nice to be able to view them, but that's it. But there's potential in this deal for sure.

A great hardware company takes the opposite of the open source (ehem, Android?) route that I wanted them to take. *sigh*

This is not good! If Nokia stops symbian, it will be like MS's bloated OSes and we'll have to constantly CHARGE our phones On the other hand, it firmwares size becomes less then 100MB, it can be neat....

JunkMail said,
This is not good! If Nokia stops symbian, it will be like MS's bloated OSes and we'll have to constantly CHARGE our phones On the other hand, it firmwares size becomes less then 100MB, it can be neat....

No one's talking bout stopping Symbian.. They've made a deal bout MS-Office for Symbian

And so not true I use WinMo over Symbian as opposed to other colleagues and they charge their devices more than I do, plus I can do loads more with mine. WinMo Office on a Symbian device is a great way forward, if there were more Win apps available going forward this is a huge leap forward in mobile productivity.

the only thing I hate about Symbian is all the signing crap you have to do if you want to code an application for it. Life would be so much easier if you could just shove "gcc mobileapp.c -o mobileapp.sis" into a command line and be done with it!!